On Why You Should Get an XBox

Every guy owns one. It’s how he socializes with his friends. Some guys may even go as far as saying their whole life revolves around it. Yes, I’m talking about a game console. Okay, we all know there are a lot of game consoles, but there’s one in particular that I’m going to talk about. You guessed it: Xbox 360’s! The Xbox 360 has tons of cool console add-ons. First, there are the controllers. They come in a lot of different colors, like the default white controller, black, pink, blue and my favorite, red. There are even some websites you can go to further customize your controller. They can paint it chrome, put a ‘mod’ on it to make you play better in some games and put in LED lights. Some controllers are plug-in ones, which are lighter than the more chosen wireless controllers. These controllers can come with rechargeable battery packs, and charge-and-play battery kits, which allow you to play and charge your controller at the same time. Next up is the Xbox 360 headset. There are only two colors you can get them in, black and white. The headsets come in either plug in or wireless. I like the plug-in more, because the wireless tends to disconnect while you’re talking to your friends. It also only has about an average three-hour battery. The plug-in headset isn’t as comfortable as the wireless, but I’d say it’s a better buy. At most stores you can buy the wired headset for only $20. The more expensive wireless microphone comes in at around $60. Then come the console-dedicated games. Microsoft, the owner of Xbox 360, decided to make these ‘console-dedicated games,’ in order to attract more buyers. The most widely known Xbox-only game is the Halo trilogy. Microsoft released the first Halo game, Halo Combat Evolved, in 2001, according to www.xbox.com. And lastly there are all of the Xbox 360 accessories. There are wireless charger cables, plug-in charger cables, attachable Xbox coolers and wireless adaptors. All of these items come in at $20 to $100, but I won’t get too into the details. And there are always the cons of consoles. The first one is how much the Xbox 360 console breaks. I’ve personally had about two or three Xboxes. What happens is the system can overheat if you play too much and some of the hardware melts down and doesn’t work. This causes your Xbox to get the infamous “red rings of death.” When you power on your console, three red rings pop up around the power button, and your Xbox freezes. The only good thing about this is you can get a warranty for your console, which allows you to send it into any Xbox-fixing company, where they fix it and send you your new system. Another type of overheating is when your power-core (the thing that gives your console power and allows it to run) gets heated up and used too much. There’s normally a standard yellow-orange light that glows on the power-core when your Xbox 360 isn’t being used. If you turn your Xbox on, the light goes green to tell you your Xbox is on and working. When the light turns red, your Xbox 360 doesn’t turn on. The only way that I know to fix that (It’s happened to me) is to just let your power core cool off for a while. You should unplug it and leave it in the open to let it go back to normal. It’s happened to me two times so far, and both times unplugging it and letting it cool off has worked. And then there’s the money. The standard console itself is a good deal, starting at about $200. Xbox Live lets you connect to the Internet and talk and play with your friends over your console. It costs money for Xbox Live, as opposed to the Xbox’s competitor, the Playstation. To access the features of Xbox Live, you have to either pay with a credit card or buy pre-paid Xbox Live cards at the store. I recommend Fred Meyers if you want to buy pre-paid Xbox Live cards. They can come in one-month cards, 3-month cards, 1-year cards, and 48-hour cards. The 48-hour trial cards usually come with games that have been recently released. Paying on a credit card is easier in my opinion, because you don’t have to hassle with going to the store every month to get another card. A 1 month annual fee for Xbox Live membership costs around $8 to $10. A three-month is around $20, and a year membership costs $50 every year.