Dance of the Dismayed

On January 15, at Dimond High School, what was supposed to be the Dance of the Decades resulted in a dance with low attendance and fluctuating feelings. Dimond math teacher and sponsor of Student Government, Kathleen Navarre, says there was a very low turnout of approximately 75 students over the course of the dance. Navarre noted that it has been an ongoing issue to get information out to students. Navarre points out that in the past, Dance of the Decades has been a “relatively small, fun dance [with] not very conducive music.” This year, there was no class coverage for the Dance of the Decades, which meant that not many people knew about it, despite the large ‘spirit-week sign’ out in the commons. However, according to Navarre, there were announcements about the spirit days and the dance date, every day of the week. Freshman Emily Carpenter attended Dance of the Decades with a few of her friends and points out, “It was definitely a lot funner than all the other dances I’ve been to.” Carpenter says with a chuckle in her throat, “We spent the whole time dancing and [it was great because] there was nobody there to care if you pulled a bad move.” From Senior Elika Roohi’s perspective, she says, “It was disappointing.” Roohi notes that the dance is usually full of people, but this year it was quite the opposite. Apparently, the DJ played oldies music, but it was oldies that none of the students knew. Roohi believes student government needs to promote Dance of the Decades much more than previously. Overall, Dance of the Decades did not bring out a ‘load’ of people, and students believe more notification would be an ideal solution for future dances.