Matt Summers is off to College

Senior Matt Summers will be graduating on Thursday, May 13, 2010. He has made Dimond High proud for his academic and athletic accomplishments as he was attending Dimond. Summers has one of the highest grade point averages out of all the Seniors. He has also won a Gold Star for academics. Summers is the Alaska swimmer of the year for 2010 for the Dimond High Lynx swimming team, leading them to a state championship. Summers also was the team captain on the Dimond swim team. Summers is a five-time state champion in both the 200 and the 500 meter freestyle. During the season, Summers finished just two seconds behind the state record for the 500 meter freestyle. A fellow swimmer, Freshman Cory Chan, says that. “Matt is really important to the team because he led the team.” Matt was one of the best in state, and possibly even the lower 48. He kept the team together to instill confidence in all of us, his hard work inspired us.” Chan’s favorite memory of Summers was when they were at a competition, The Great Alaska Open. As Chan and a couple of friends were eating gummy bears, Summers came up to them and asked, “Why wasn’t I invited?” When asked about Summer’s personality, Chan says that “ Matt’s personality is very, go with the flow.” Matt’s sister, Sophomore Lauren Summers, who also goes to Dimond, says that Matt’s personality is, “very chill, it’s easy to get along with him. He motivates others to become the greatest they can be. “It’s sad to have him gone, it’s going to be lonely,” Summers says about her brother leaving Dimond. Summers is going to attend Washington State and major in chemical engineering.