See How to Train Your Dragon 3D now!

How To Train Your Dragon 3D is an all around family movie to watch. It hit theaters March 26th, and you can either watch it with the regular showing without it being 3D, or you can see the 3D showing if you want a lot of action adventure. Basically, the story line is there is a little boy named Hiccup, he was named that because where he lives is in a Viking town and they believe if you are named something daring then people would be scared of you. But what the funny thing is that Hiccup is a small, thin, and lanky. Which is the total opposite from everyone else who lives there. When the movie first starts out, Hiccup dreams and imagines of himself being a viking/dragon slayer. and killing all the dragons that he can come across. He begs his dad to let him kill a dragon once and prove himself to everyone that he can be a dragon slayer. His dad does not give him the approval though, he knows that Hiccup is not ready physically or mentally. But Hiccup disagrees strongly. One day, Hiccup tries his hardest to kill just one dragon, only one to prove himself. Unfortunately he fails miserably and ends up letting one of the rarest and most dangerous dragons go that everyone dreams of capturing to know about it. All they know is the name of it, and it is called Night Fury. In that outcome, everybody on the island is furious at him. After that all happened Hiccup ventured out to go find the creature, and he actually comes across the dragon. He was terrified but wanted to be brave and finish the job. He was planning on stabbing it in the heart to make his father and the whole town proud. He was getting ready to, then he just could not pull himself to do it. So he unties the mysterious dragon to let it free risking getting seriously injured or killed. The dragon only roars in Hiccup’s face and then flies away. Hiccup of course being curious, went out to venture for the dragon the next day. He found out that the dragon is not harmless at all if you do not scare him or try to harm him. Hiccup decided to name him Toothless, which is self explanatory. He befriends this dragon and learns everything from Toothless about dragons. So he got kind of a cheat sheet to use against the dragon killing training. So he fooled everyone into thinking that he is a natural born outstanding viking. Everyone was astounded and amazed at the little boy. It continued on for a while, and one day Toothless had led him to the source of their food loss. He was shocked and wanted to take care of it himself. Hiccup, Toothless, and his now friend Astrid planned on taking care of the problem by themselves. But then Hiccup’s father got involved and so did the whole town. They were furious that Hiccup cheated with the dragon trainings, but proud that little Hiccup had found the source of the food problem. So they all formed together to take care of it. They were successful and it was a happy ending. In the theater, there was mostly teenagers. There was no one there that looked under 14. Which was a little surprising, but there’s nothing wrong with that, because it was a really action packed amazing movie. The movie has 4.5 stars to it. So if you are wanting to watch an action filled cartoon in 3D or realD then definitely check out How To Train Your Dragon.