Is Your Locker Safe?

If you have ever attended Dimond High School there is a high chance that you or someone you know has something taken from his or her locker. Sean Kordewick, sophomore, knows about locker theft all too well. “Freshman year, I had two bottles of cologne taken from my locker,” he said. “It was very frustrating going through the process of missing class to go see Mr. Evern and trying to find my stuff.” Freshman House Assistant Principal Dale Evern said he believes there is definitely a locker safety problem at Dimond. “I regularly walk through the halls at Dimond and see lockers missing locks or lockers left completely open. And I know if the locker isn’t completely closed on the top and bottom you can easily pry it open. And if I know it, so do a lot of students at Dimond,” Evern said. Evern said that on an average day he sees at least ten lockers open a day. “I would feel completely safe putting my belongings in a locker,” Evern added. Senior, Kaylin Forbes has a different point of view. “I’m in my fourth year here at Dimond and have never had a problem with my locker. Although, I usually carry my phone and other stuff in my purse,” said Forbes. “It’s just a matter of how safe you want to be. I mean, if you’re smart you won’t put valuables in your locker or even bring them to school. Nothing valuable will ever get stolen if you don’t bring it in to school,” Forbes added. Freshman Jordan Clevenger is always hearing of other freshmen getting things stolen from their lockers. “A few of my friends and other people I know have been telling me they’ve gotten stuff stolen out of their lockers,” said Clevenger. “Also, I think it’d really help if the locks were built right into the lockers. Like, at Mears you can’t steal people’s locks and stuff,” he added. Timothy Gravelle, a sophomore, said he believes that the problem of locker safety is a common one. “I regularly hear of people getting things stolen from their lockers. It’s never happened to me, but I hear of it often enough that I think something should be done,” said Gravelle. Although locker safety may be an issue, it seems to be a problem with a solution if students close and lock their lockers constantly.