Seniors Faced with College Plans

The thought of going to college used to be just an idea in the distant future. Now it is an idea right in front of this year’s seniors. To some, going to college is still in question, but to others who already know where they would like to attend, college is a must. For those who already know what they are doing after high school and for those who have no idea, here are a few things to know. Shirley Reeves, Career Resource Center coordinator, said that attending a college or a trade school is really important. It can help give you a leg up on a job, help increase future income and could give you skills that can be used forever. If the cost is a worry, there are “scholarships available on the college websites, and the community offers scholarships,” Reeves said. Colleges look at “GPA, SAT, ACT scores, school involvement and volunteering,” Reeves said, when you apply for a scholarship and their school. Whether a person is excelling in one or more of these or is just simply getting through high school, it is still possible to get accepted into a college. Another tip from Reeves is to apply before the deadlines “Every school is different,” said Reeves, so pay attention. Some Dimond seniors have already made their plans for college. Ryan Iacovelli plans to attend Brigham Young University. He would like to attend BYU, because it is near family, low in cost and “it has different types of subjects to study, I fit most of the acceptance requirements and it will hold my scholarships while I go on mission.” Tussii Stauffer would like to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage because “it is close, affordable and I can use that as a starting point until I can transfer to another school.” Stauffer would like to study world languages when she goes to UAA. Xiunell Gomez would like to attend Washington State because, “they have a good food science school, they have internships for dietitians and my boyfriend goes there.” Ashley Aldous is not sure if she is going to college right away after graduation, but she would like to go in the future. “When I go to college I would like to attend a culinary arts school for pastries and baking,” she said.