Silly Bandz Taking Over Dimond

Perhaps you have seen the trend, but maybe not. Either way, there is a new accessory people at Dimond have been sporting. What might this accessory be? Silly bandz, rubber band like bracelets that come in many shapes and colors. Nathan Stephens, a junior, was wearing a hippo and a giraffe silly band. “I just bought one,” Nathan said. Others had a more interesting way of hearing about this up-and-coming trend. Sam Rice, a senior, said, “I heard about silly bandz from my nine-year-old cousin.” The bandz that Sam owns include “Pie, hamburger, raptor, giraffe and a revolver.” As Sam already had many interesting and usual silly bandz, he said that if he could have any shaped silly band he would want one in the shape of a jeep. “Silly bandz are like rubber bands…but awesome,” Sam said. As silly bandz may be the new “in” thing at the moment, how long will they remain the popular item to wear? Austin Portch, a junior, said, “I think they’ll last a couple weeks at the most.” Although Austin did not have much faith in this trend remaining popular, he was wearing some himself. Austin was caught sporting a purple kangaroo, an elephant, a dinosaur and a red penguin. “If I could have any kind of silly band I think I’d want a turtle,” Austin said. While Austin may think silly bandz are not going to be a lasting trend, Brittney Coleman, a junior, has a different view on these fun bands. “I never take mine off, I like the way they feel on my wrists. I don’t want them to go out of style, and if they I’ll start making them myself.” Coleman was wearing a savage sign silly band, which she later said was her favorite. ZeeJay Datuin, a junior, had a different opinion on these colorful bands. “I think they are cool but not cool enough to buy.” Marleena Merchant, a freshman, somewhat agreed with his opinion by saying, “Silly bandz are so dumb, they are at the dollar store, that’s how dumb they are. I would never buy any.” Another student who didn’t have much faith in this new trend was Myra Miller, a junior. She was wearing a purple cat sill band. Ione Fischer, a sophomore was the one who introduced Miller to this trend. “I think they will last maybe a week,” Miller said. Miller also said that if she could have any silly band, she would want one in the shape of Alaska. Brett Roth’s sixth-hour freshman biology class was filled with students who were wearing silly bandz. Some of the more interesting shapes seen were a pig, a dinosaur footprint, a dog and an octopus. Andrea Velez, a junior, said that she had over 40 silly bandz. “I got them before summer started when I was in Minnesota. We just started trading them.” The giraffe seemed to be the most popular silly band owned. As trends come and go, eventually silly bandz may fade, but for the meantime, they seem to be making a big splash at Dimond High School.