Will the Magic Continue in New Orleans?

Will this be the year of Brett Favre and the Vikings? Will the magic continue in New Orleans? Will the Cowboys become the first team to play in their own stadium in the super bowl? Will the Jets be able to make another miracle run in the playoffs? How will Donovan McNabb fare with his new team in Washington? In this year of uncertainty, doubt and questions, one thing is certain: New Orleans will be the target of every team in the NFL. The Saints won the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion last year by beating the heavily favored Colts, led by Peyton Manning. The Saints finished off the Colts the same way they beat the Vikings, by picking off a pass throw by the quarterbacks of each team late in the fourth quarter. Some people are already thinking there will be a repeat of last year’s big game. Senior Felipe Godoy said, “The Colts and Saints will make it back to the Super Bowl because they are both really good. They also have all of the same people returning on their teams.” There is always a possibility that we could see a repeat; however, this is highly unlikely considering that both of the same teams have never made it to the Super Bowl two years in a row. Some people are feeling that neither of these teams will make it to the Super Bowl. According to senior Nate Biel, “The Cowboys will win their division and the NFC because they were looking really good at the end of last season. Tony Romo should have an excellent year especially with the addition or rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant. “The defense should be pretty beast with sack master DeMarcus Ware returning. For the AFC I see the Ravens winning it because quarterback Joe Flacco will be able to build on his beast season of his young career. Plus the Ravens picked up two big time receivers, Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh,” Biel said. On the other hand, others are predicting one of the teams in last year’s championship will make it back. “The Colts will make it to the Super Bowl because they are always good and can pull it off again. While in the NFC I think the Vikings will win that conference because their entire team is very good plus the return of Brett Favre is huge,” said senior Adam Kowalewski. Many people at the end of last year’s NFC championship game were beginning to question whether Adrian Peterson could hang onto the football and be a productive running back for years to come. He fumbled three times in that game while losing two of them, which in turn contributed to the Vikings losing the game. During the off season he was supposed to be getting help on how to carry the ball better. Senior Ethan Schneider said, “Peterson will fix his fumbling problem over the off season because he has been carrying a weighted ball all of training camp.” Whether or not all of these predictions and hopes will come true, one thing fans can be certain of this season is nonstop entertainment. Will Chris Johnson be able to repeat his 2000 plus yard 2009-2010 season? Will Favre and the Vikings be able to win the division again? Can Peyton Manning ever win another championship? All of these questions will be answered one way or another during the next five months of the 2010-2011 NFL season.