Lunch Spots: Where Do You Go?

We’ve all been there. It’s ten minutes before lunch. You can’t stop staring at the clock. A little voice in your stomach keeps begging you to feed it. The only solution is to eat. But where? Dimond High School is conviently located near a plethora of places to eat, the first restaurant is being McDonald’s. Although McDonald’s is considered “fast food” some people are beginning to doubt that ‘McyDees’ is fast enough. Lately, some students believe the speed at which they get they their food is at fault for their tardies. Sophomore Nick Havelock, says he is a big fan of McDonalds but also says that lately it seems he can’t get back from lunch on time. “I leave with friends right after fourth period and then we head to McDonalds. I take a little bit of time getting friends together, but we still leave at a reasonable time. But the past few days I’ve been back from lunch late because my lunch took too long!” said Havelock. Chris Thorp, a junior, says there is nothing wrong with McDonald’s. “I don’t eat their every day, but when I do it’s always a pretty tasty meal,” said Thorp. Near McDonald’s is Taco Bell, a favorite lunch spot of many. Taco Bell is a place where anyone can get a fast bite to eat. They specialize in Mexican food like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. “ I can always count on good food at Taco Bell. I’d say I go there pretty often and order a few tacos,” said Senior Patrick Anaruk. Ben Heafer, a sophomore, said, “ I think Taco Bell is good but I don’t go there very often. I prefer other places more.” Right next to Taco Bell is one of the only places to get pizza in the area, Great Alaska Pizza Company or GAPCO, to many. GAPCO serves up anything and everything pizza. During lunch you can buy two pizzas and a drink for almost half of what other restaurants charge. This makes GAPCO a fast, efficient meal. “I say I go to GAPCO once a week for a lunch. I really like the way their pizza tastes,” said Junior Taylor Sleater. Sophomore Nolan Schock said,“GAPCO never really disappoints. I can always count on them for a cheap and easy meal.” “When I’m sort of short on time I go and pick up an salad at Carrs. They’re always tasty and fresh,” said Sophomore Danie Holden. There are a lot of places to eat around Dimond High School. Where will you eat?