Remix Monday

Like chili peppers and chocolate, a remix is often an unlikely pair of songs that come together to make something brand new. Some music purists believe it is an insult to mix two songs; however, everyone has a different taste in different music for different reasons. Often one song will give another a very important new element, whether it’s a new melody or back beat. “Teach Me How to Say It Ain’t So” – Weezer vs. Cali Swag Senior Matt Longacre said, “The ‘Say It Ain’t So’ song fits perfectly and gives the song much needed guitar melody.” Other times a remix will surprise the listener with a new sound and new innovation. “L.E.S. Artistes [Death to the Throne Remix]” – Santigold “It tricks me at the start into thinking it’s a popular song that I don’t like at all and then the bass is just like whoa!” says Longacre. When asked for a completely unexpected mash up Senior Cameron Ginochio suggests “Throw Some Tik On That Tok”. “These are two polar opposite songs that I would have never expected to go together but the end result is amazing,” says Ginochio. “Throw Some Tik On That Tok” – The White Panda Not only is it fun to listen to remixes, it is often a good way for students to get creative. Ginochio has actually created a mash-up. It consisted of the two songs “Party Like A Rockstar” by the Shop Boyz and “Stanky Legg” by the GS Boyz. It was a good way for Ginochio to be creative and create something new from a few songs that he had enjoyed in the past. “The process is not a hard one at all. Really all I had to do was sit down and pick a few songs that I liked,” Ginochio said. “Sure when you make a mash-up there are several things you have to watch out for like the key signature the song is in and it’s generally easier and sounds better if the tempos are similar, but those are both things that you can change. “Once everything is made equal it’s just a matter of putting together all the pieces. Organize the bits and pieces and equalize all the different sounds. You can even add in your own parts if you want,” says Ginochio. Longacre has also thought of creating a mash-up. “It lets you take a song that you may not like and add your own style or flare or whatever to the song. It lets you make something you like,” Longacre said. Whether you are a music purist or not, there is no doubt that with the wide variety of remixes out there, there is something for everyone, no matter what the reason.