Senior Spotlight: Marlon Uri

Marlon Uri is not just an average senior at Dimond High School. He is a man of faith, super smart, an inspiring photographer and a musician. Starting in freshman year he has received multiple academic letters, and silver and gold stars for his outstanding work in his classes. Also, in a few days he will be graduating with honors. Uri also received an department award for Communications. He is also deeply in love with music; romantic songs are his favorite to play. He has been playing the violin since sixth grade, and has lettered in orchestra many times since freshmen year. Uri has also played piano since fourth grade and had lessons, but a few years ago he quit the lessons and started teaching himself. Also an inspiring photographer, Uri has a Sony SLR. His first experience in photography was with his cousins, just messing around posing for pictures. After taking Photography I this year, he is becoming more and more excited about taking pictures. Uri is also a strong member of The Jewel Lake Church of Nazarene, and attends every Sunday and Wednesday. “I am undecided,” Uri said. He is not too sure what he wants to major in, in college. But “for sure” University of Alaska Anchorage is a must for him. With UAA in the cards, what Uri is going to miss the most about high school is “seeing friends, each day. “