Dimond Balloon Release Is Old Tradition Made New

The balloon release used to be a big Dimond High School tradition. At the old building, the graduating class gathered to release their maroon and gold balloons after their parade around the school. This event, symbolic of the senior class “moving on,” was adored by staff and students alike. Sadly, due to issues with the airport as well as environmental problems, the tradition was discontinued. The tradition remained uncelebrated until a senior by the name of Emily Klopfer began communicating with the airport to investigate whether or not a balloon release was possible. In addition, she researched how much balloons would cost. After continued communication with the airport, it was decided that a balloon release was possible at Dimond, once again. Partycraft, a local party supply store, is supplying the balloons at a total cost of $360. The material that the balloons are made out of is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the efforts of Klopfer and the 2011 graduating class sponsors Todd Sanderson and Michelle Nurmi, a balloon release is scheduled for May 6, 2011. With any luck, the rekindled tradition will be able to continue for the posterity of Dimond graduating classes. “I’m really glad I could help bring this tradition back to Dimond. I’m sure it’ll be a really fun experience and the senior class is looking forward to it,” said Klopfer. She hopes that the seniors embrace and have a good time at the balloon release and realize the significance in bringing back the tradition. “The seniors shouldn’t look down on the balloon release as just another thing we have to do. Excluding graduation, it is one of the last chances we will all be together before we move on and graduate.” Other seniors at Dimond are also excited about the balloon release. “I can’t wait!” said Kaylin Forbes, senior. “I’ve had a really great time at Dimond and although I’m ready to graduate, I think the balloon release will be a good experience,” Forbes added. Senior Kyle Moore is also excited. “It’s pretty much the only reason I’m still showing up for school. I think it’ll be really great for us to symbolize our moving on with a balloon release,” Moore said. Chelsea Huffman, senior, has marked her calendar and can’t wait for the event. “Aside from graduation, I’m looking forward to the balloon release more than anything,” Huffman said. Not only seniors are excited for the event, Taylor Sleater, a junior, says he hopes that the balloon release will be made possible for the graduating class next year. “It’s a really cool idea. I hope someone from my graduating class steps up like Emily [Klopfer] did to arrange the balloon release,” Sleater said. This is Dimond’s first balloon release in almost a decade.