Graduation Yields Mixed Emotions from Students

For Dimond High School seniors, graduation is May 9, 2011. Graduation has been known to be a massive celebration of achievements by scholars and that final step of high school before students take the next step in life. This year, the cap and gowns were handed out to students with plenty of time to get all the wrinkles out. Graduation announcements are also a huge part of graduation. Many students purchase graduation packages that include these announcements that must be filled out and mailed out to all those the student wishes to attend their graduation. But is graduation all that it is built up to be? According to Senior Nikki Wray, graduation is a long night that she is not looking forward to. On the same note, Wray is “super excited to get my diploma and move forward.” Liliys Elomari, a senior at Dimond, feels that “in a way, I am looking forward to graduation because I’m ready for change and ready to start college,” Elomari continued to say that, “ I am not ready for the separation from my friends, but life has to start some time.” It seems that many seniors feel the same two-sided emotions that graduation brings. Anxiety, sorrow, excitement, joy and uncertainty follow graduation. Senior Alex Mason feels that graduation is “bitter-sweet. You’re going to be done with high school and you’re leaving your friends, which is sad.” Mason also feels that moving forward with her education and life in general is a great thing. Alex Maule, a senior at Dimond, says that she feels indifferent towards graduation. Maule finds more relief in that high school is over, than excitement. Graduation definitely brings more work and stress to student’s already stressful lives. After graduation, there is usually a party accompanying student’s accomplishments. Barbeques and celebrations are the common scene after graduation. Graduation is undeniably an important night for seniors, regardless of how they feel about it. It symbolizes the termination of their four year career in high school and allows for the next step in life for students to occur. Graduation is the ceremony that acknowledges students and allows for all to see their great accomplishment. Friends and family utilize the graduation ceremony as a night to share their students how they feel about their achievements.