Senior Spotlights: Autumn Dabney and Zack Atkins

High school is almost over for this year’s seniors, and Autumn Dabney is definitely looking forward to graduation because, “it means I’ve completed it.” Dabney has been at Dimond for one year. She has also attended high school in Ninilchik, at West and at Delta Cyber School. “I like to go bike riding,” she said about what she does in her free time. She adds that she likes to go kayaking and work on her fourwheeler, as well. One of her recent accomplishments is getting an award. “I got an award of excellence from KCC” she said. After graduating, Dabney would like to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage and then go on to designing for Honda. She will miss “being able to goof off” in high school and the first thing that might pop into her head when she wakes up the day after graduation is, “sweet, it’s over.” Zack Atkins is also looking forward to graduating. He has a five-day camping trip planned the day after the graduation ceremony. Atkins has been attending Dimond all four years of high school. In his free time he enjoys cage fighting and spinning fire. His greatest accomplishment is “winning my first fight” he said. His goals for the future are to “win at least three fights and to go to a secondary school for culinary arts.” The one thing Atkins will miss about high school is the “schedule and having something to do during the day.” He will not miss the hard teachers he has had throughout his high school career and “lectures from my dad for missing the bus,” he said. The first thing that will pop into his head Tuesday morning after graduation is, “I missed the bus.”