Senior Success

Senior Kimmy Jackson has attended Dimond High School since her freshman year. She has become a very important part to Dimond’s sports teams, school plays and helping others with clubs like Be The Change. Jackson says, “Throughout high school I joined the flag football, basketball and track team all four years. I also joined DNL and Be The Change junior year and senior year.” She continues to explain why she joined these curricular activities. “I played flag football because it sounded like it would be a very fun sport to play, which it is. I played basketball and ran track because it was something I did before high school and I wanted to keep it going. I joined DNL because my friends told me it was fun, and I wanted to be a part of a play. Be The Change was something a teacher recommended me to do, and I enjoyed it a lot.” Jackson’s track and field coach Kathleen Navarre had some things to say about Kimmy. “I love working with Kimmy. One thing I’ll remember most about Kimmy is she is a phenomenal starter, for relays. This is a key component since you need to get a good head start.” Jackson enjoys high school for what it is. Being so active in school, underclassman wonder how upperclassman make it through. Jackson says, “I learned that life goes by fast, for anyone. So slow down and enjoy every little bit of high school you can.” Two friends who reminisce about their memories with Kimmy Jackson are Juniors Jaley Bozeman and Brea Walker. “During flag football she [Kimmy] came and I thought she was a freshman, but when we ran the plays she smashed.” says Bozeman. “One word that describes Kimmy would have to be energetic, she has a lot of energy,” she said Walker continues right after Bozeman, saying, “I met Kimmy when I was a freshman at basketball tryouts. She was doing star shots and two word I would describe Kimmy with is, very caring.” Jackson is a role model student to the kids at Dimond and she has an effective position to future athletes. She most importantly inspires her sister Whitney Jackson. Jackson’s little sister freshman Whitney Jackson talks about her. “One word I would describe Kimmy with, well, there are multiple words, like amazing and hardworking because she spent her whole life getting better at everything she does.” Whitney Jackson continues. “One memory I remember most is when we played football and basketball at Wendler [middle school]. I also remember when I tried pitching to her and she ran away.” Whitney Jackson plays softball for Dimond varsity and Kimmy Jackson runs track for varsity too, so they are one active family. Kimmy Jackson says after high school, “I will be attending Southwestern Oregon Community College next year to major in elementary education. I want to be a kindergarten teacher when I get older because I love working with little kids and I want to be the person to teach and mold the little ones.” Kimmy Jackson says, “My goal after high school is to make it all the way through college and to be successful. I want to be able to remember every sports team I’ve been on. I want to be able to remember all the fun trips we went on. All the wins and losses, we had together.” She has memories to last her a life time, but it doesn’t stop there. She says,“Don’t go through high school living with regrets and don’t worry about what people say. Just worry about yourself.” She continues to smile and finally says, “That’s that!”