Kayleigh Brandt: From Ritches To Rags.

Taylor Ramsdell Paeriod 6 Kayliegh Brandt will be graduating on Monday and it has been quite a long road. Her friends enjoy her tongue in cheek, sarcastic humor. “You never really know when she’s being serious.” says Iris Schumann. After coming to Dimond Kayliegh had a hard time fitting in due to her halitosis (chronic bad breath.) She tried many different “cures” for her bad breath some of these including: brushing her teeth with baking soda, chewing on pennies and even brushing with sandpaper. Eventually she learned to brush her teeth regularly. After she graduates Kayliegh wants to pursue a career in film directing. her favorite director is Quentin Tarintino. She says “I really like the way he can bring you into the film and make you feel involved in the story.” Her favorite part about Tarintinos’ films is the gory gore. “My favorite part of any movie was in 2010’s ‘Machete’ when the lead character uses a bad guys intestines to repel down the side of a hospital.” When she grows up she said she wants to meet Tarintino and be his personal assistant on one of his films. Once she reaches her dream of being Tarintinos assistant she said she wants to break out as a film director/actor/producer/key grip. Her true passion though, is Double Dutch. Kayliegh has been jumping Double Dutch since she was only 7 years old. and was hooked from the start. She won her first competition at the age of 12 her prize was 12$ and a free movie pass (which she used to watch Kill Bill: Vol.1.) She has named her ropes Harold and Julia, after her late pet pot belly pigs. Her Double Dutch career was sadly cut short after she attempted to jump 4 ropes at once and broke both of her ankles. She had to use a wheelchair for a year and had to walk on crutches for more than 3 months. Her favorite cook is Emeral Ligasi. “Bam!” “I love it when he yells ‘Bam’ whenever he adds spice to his masterpieces,” Kayleigh says. Kayleigh looks foreword to her life after high school although she says she is somewhat scared.