Vending Machines: Satisfying Morning Munchies

Are the kids at Dimond High School satisfied with what’s in the vending machines? Back when we were all all in middle school, vending machines weren’t that big with students. Is it because high school students don’t get enough breakfast due to the fact we wake up so early? I personally think that we should get more breakfast stuff in the vending machines. When asked senior Reeve Smith what his favorite thing in the vending machine was he replied, “chocolate chip pop tarts.” I don’t disagree about having pop tarts in the vending machines, but I think we could expand the variety of breakfast choices. I think this would be a good idea because for years its been known that if you eat a good breakfast it will start your day off well, and for most students it helps them improve in school overall. “I like having vending machines in our school because sometimes I don’t have enough time in the morning to eat at home,” says Senior Taleena Shamburg. The vending machines are in the right places in our school. I believe we just need to come up with some new ideas to what we want inside of them. Another senior, Kris Roberts, replied, “ I think the coffee shop should sell the breakfast stuff.” Another good idea would be to also have a coffee/hot chocolate machine. Most students are late because they feel the need to stop at a coffee shop. I know we have a coffee shop here at school, but standing in line seems to be a drag for high school students in the morning. If we had a coffee/hot chocolate machine plus the coffee shop, it might decrease the number of students being late in the mornings.