Like Snow? Snowboard!

At Dimond High School, many students snowboard. Some have just started, and others have been doing it for years. Brett Moore, a junior, just started snowboarding this year. “It just looked fun, and lots of my friends did it too,” said Moore. “Even though I just started, I imagine the best part of it to be just cruising down the mountain, and just being in the wild with no roads, no nothing.” Moore’s stance on a snowboard is regular, which mean his left foot leads him. “I started off skateboarding, and thought snowboarding would be pretty sick, and I’ve been doing it for four years now,” said Tyler Winkelseth, a sophomore. “I would have to say getting gnarly air, and riding the gnar pow pow is my favorite part… I listen to rap and dubstep while I ride.” Winkelseth’s stance is regular and, “My favorite snowboarder would have to be Danny Kass.” “I have been snowboarding for five years, but I am going to take a break this year,” said Courtney Brown, a junior. “In fifth grade I went to Girdwood with Rene [Vania], and we both took some lessons together. I think it is really fun,” said Brown. “Music? Of course I listen to it, I prefer country when I’m riding though,” said Brown. “I prefer trails over powder and park, because that’s where I learned,” she said. Austin Fitzgerald, a freshman, has been snowboarding for a year. “What got me started was that most of my friends do it so I wanted to do it too.” “My favorite music to listen to while I’m riding would have to be hip hop and dubstep,” said Fitzgerald. “I mostly go to Hilltop, and occasionally Alyeska.” “I’ve been snowboarding since I was like five,” said Gage Heyl, a freshman. “I started because I live in Alaska, so obviously I’m going to ski or snowboard, and I tried skiing but I didn’t like it.” “I like to ride powder, but all there is to do there is ride, and while I am riding in the powder I enjoy listening to music. So other than powder I prefer the park, but while I am in the park I do not listen to music,” said Heyl. “Even though my whole family skis, I honestly think skiers are annoying because they think they rule the whole mountain, and are just so rude.” Unlike Shaun White, his favorite snowboarder, his stance is goofy. “I actually met Shaun White at Alyeska. It was so cool,” said Heyl.