Descending From the Boiler

Any high schooler will admit it that it is already hard enough to have to wake up brutally early in the morning, and then listen to teacher’s lectures. No one wants to add the uncomfortable nature of the stairs as another item on the hate list. People take for granted the amount of nice items that we have at Dimond, but one gross part of the school can ruin it all. “[The side stairs] are a lot warmer than the rest of school, and it’s more comfortable to be in,” said Freshman Samantha Plett. Some people could enjoy the painful burst of hot air when the rest of the school is as cold as an iceberg. Whatever floats their boat. Think back to when you were a freshman at Dimond. Any sane human would say that it was the least bit intimidating being thrown in with all of the upperclassmen. Freshman Hall is twice as crowded as the other halls are due to locker sharing, and this hall also has the warmest set of stairs. When you leave the commons to enter the “secret stairs”, the temperature difference has to be at least fifteen degrees. Head of Freshman Security, Derrick Kubosh, said, “During Freshman lunch, people are to be in the lunch room, commons, homework cafe, or in the library.” It makes sense that freshmen are to be in the main areas corralled together because there are classes going on during freshman lunch. “There is no policy saying that you can’t eat in the stairwells, but I wouldn’t recommend that you eat in the stairwells,” said Andre Toliver, head of Upperclassmen Security. Think about it this way. If you go to a fancy restaurant such as Simon and Seaforts, are you going to ask to eat your dinner in the stairwell? I didn’t think so. Once you take in the atmosphere of the hot stairs, you wouldn’t want to be in there for a prolonged amount of time. “It would be nice to clean the ceiling, since there is ketchup on it. The squirt kinda looks like a heart,” said Plett. When you look around, the floor is covered in nasty substances such as chewed up gummy worms, or spewed packets of ketchup. Even though students contribute to make this mess, it is still not pleasant for the other students to see. Students may also think that the temperature is something that we can control with just the flip of a switch. They could not be more wrong. “We may not be able to do anything because there is a heater that needs to keep the sprinkler system warm. Without the heater on, the sprinklers could burst,” said Cheryl Guyett, Dimond’s principal. No one would want to come to school the next day to see the downstairs flooded with water, even if it would mean a temporary delay of school schedules. Guyett said, “The temperature is regulated by automation outside of this building.” It really is as simple as that, there is nothing that we can do other than open the doors to air the wretched stink away from the concentrated area into a more airy place. Next time just think before you slushie a ceiling just because you felt like it.