Last Cotilion

Last Cotillion Many people were raving about the last cotillion. The last theme of cotillion was “Welcome to Bedrock” althought many people did not match the theme they seemed to have had a good time. They provided desserts and water, which ran out quickly. Junior Janelle Feller said, “It was so much fun! The best one yet!” Even the chaperones had a great time. Lisa Loudon said, “It was very nice meeting with kids and interacting with everyone from all over the city. Even though I would not call dancing nowadays dancing, but it seemed like all the kids had a blast.” Even a few of the guys that attended Cotillion said, “It was fun.” It felt as though Cotillion was quite the way to end the school year. Parents enjoyed it as well as students for the 2011-2012 school year. Cotillion definitely made a difference in the school year. The last cotillion helped students begin to look forward to 2011-2012 school year prom even more.