Senior Spotlight: Kala Jenkins

Senior Kala Jenkins is looking forward to graduating this year. Jenkins, a four year varsity softball player was a key player in last year’s season. “Hitting in the winning run to win region’s last year was one of my best memories at Dimond,” said Jenkins. “She’s a great leader and always has a positive attitude,” said Dan Montagna, Dimond’s softball coach. Jenkins hopes her softball team can do just as good like last year or even better and win state. Jenkins also played two years of junior varsity basketball. Jenkins loves playing sports. She’s been playing softball and basketball ever since she was a little girl. “Sports are a big part of my family,” said Jenkins. Jenkins is a member of athletic council and also a member of the club Rare T. “She’s a hard worker and is always willing to help others out,” said Junior Brittany Town. Jenkins can’t wait to graduate but that means she has to step into the real world. “I really want to find an apartment to move into with some of my friends,” said Jenkins. Jenkins fears that she might not be a good enough adult and that she has to start paying for stuff on her own. She plans on working a lot this summer to save up for an apartment. After graduating from Dimond, Jenkins will be attending the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Normally college students only major in one subject, but Jenkins wants to major in both psychology and journalism. Even though Jenkins is really excited to graduate, she feels that she is going to miss a lot of her friends. “Time flies by super fast in high school,” Jenkins said. Jenkins says that all underclassman should enjoy and cherish all their time in high school. “I’ve known Kala for a long time and she is one of my best friends. I’m going to miss her when she graduates,” said Junior Sierra Afoa. “I’m going to miss a lot of my high school friends, but it’ll be cool to meet new people and start a new chapter of my life,” said Jenkins.