Partner’s Club

Partner’s club is a school organization where students and atheletes compete in a year round Special Olympic events and sports. We participate in events that include bowling, floor hockey, track and field, downhill skiing, and snowboarding. This is a year long club and you also have to have a permission slip form that the student and parent guardians have to sign in order to be able to be apart of Partner’s Club. Partner’s Club is during both lunches at Room A100 on the first floor. All students and staff are welcome to come and interact and meet new friends. One of the big games they love to play are bowling. Every year all of Partner’s in Anchorage have a bowling tournament held at Center bowl. Their bowling tournanment of 2012 is on Thursday November 8 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM Who ever wins the Spirit Award tournament recieves a gold pin for a whole year to brag and celebrate their prize until their next Spirit Award tournament. “I first joined Partner’s Club last year as a Junior. I liked how we got to help out the mentally disabled because they are all very funny and try to have a good time with everyone.” Byron lowe said, a senior. “This is a good club to join. It gives them a chance to feel equal. They’re really sweet and fun to be with.” Kelsey Kroon said, a freshmen. “I really enjoy coming to this club every Tuesday and seeing all their smiling faces. They are always happy which makes you want to be happy too. I’m glad my friend told me about this. I’m planning to be in this club until I’m a senior.” Kroon said. “I think more people should because it’s fun and it can give you something to do during lunch if you don’t have anything to do.” Kroon said “About 15 to 20 people go to Partner’s club which isn’t much. It would be nice if more students came to the club. The reason I joined was because the club sounded like fun and also because a friend told me to join with her.” Caitlynn Dubie said, a junior. “The kids in there are all so friendly I love being around them. I like coming because all the kids are funny and friendly. My favorite activity would have to be bowling.” Dubie said “Partner’s club is fun because we meet new friends. We play a lot of fun games like Uno, and bowling. There is a lot of people that come bowl with us and have fun. Our favorite activity is bowling.” Mrs. Evans 6th hour class at Dimond.