Black Friday

BlackFriday Everysingle year there is that one day that everyone is excited for that is notactually a holiday. Theone day where almost every store has deals or price reductions, it can be oneof the best, or worst days for Christmas shopping. Black Fridayhappens every year on the day after Thanksgiving, according to Friday has been around since 2005. OnBlack Friday stores put extreme discounts on their products to get a ton ofpeople to come in and buy their products. Peoplewait outside the stores for hours and hours before they even open, just so theycan be the first ones to get the products. Although BlackFriday is the best day for Christmas shopping, it can also be the worst. There has beensome incidents where people go too crazy to get the things they want, there hasbeen verbal fights, physical fights, and even deaths. I know some peoplethat have experienced this years Black Friday and have some things to say. “Black Friday wasa great success for me! There were a lot of great deals going on, like I got abunch of clothes for very cheap!” Senior JackosnUrsin says “Black Friday was pretty good, I didn’t buy too much stuff but therewere a lot of things I did want to buy.” One big questionis who had the best sales going on this year. Ursin says “ IThink it’s a tie between Best Buy and Fred Meyer, they both had really gooddeals on things electronically, I didn’t really look at anything else.” Senior Brenda Craig actually workedon black Friday so I thought she would be a phenomenal person to interview. She had this tosay “The deals really weren’t that great, I work at Old Navy so I obviouslyhave an awesome style and know a steal when I see one. Old Navy always hasgreat prices so the black Friday was sort of just like any other day ya digdog? “I only went to Walmartfor black Friday shopping and it smelt so bad, but you just gotta do what yagotta do. “The waiting linesto be checked out at old navy were so long, they had to wait an hour to bechecked out “The crazy thingspeople will do to save a dollar”