Cross Country Skiing

Have you ever considered doing a winter sport, but don’t know what do? Maybe Cross Country Skiing is the right choice for you. Why join Cross Country Skiing? Here’s what some skiers had to say about why they joined. Junior Connor Swalling said, “I’ve been skiing for a long time, and I enjoy it.” Sophomore Emily Carey said, “My dad did it when he was in highschool and he said it was one of his greatest things he did in highschool so I thought I would join and share the joy with him.” Senior Anton Werin said, “I didn’t ski in Sweden, and if you’re Swedish, you have to know how to ski.” Still not convinced Cross Country Skiing is for you? Consider the other sports you do and how they can help improve your skiing. When asked if he did any other sports, Senior Matthew Falconer said, “I was in tennis, but in my junior year I switched to Cross Country Running to get in better shape for skiing.” Freshman Kinsey Denton is on the same page as Falconer, she said, “Cross Country Running.” Swalling said, “I do Cross Country Running and Track.” Still saying you can’t join? That you don’t have enough experience? Take it from the skiers, you don’t need experience. Junior Louise Mortensen said, “I’d never skied before.” Werin said, “I only started skiing a week ago.” On the opposite side of the spectrum, there’s people like Falconer, Denton and Swalling. Falconer said, “I’ve been skiing since I was six years old.” Denton said, “I’ve been skiing like since I could walk.” Swalling said, “I’ve been skiing since first grade.” Want to get involved with skiing but don’t actually want to ski? Maybe the manager position is right for you. What does a manager do? Here’s what the managers themselves say. Sophomore Maria Ramirez said, “We mainly help out at ski meets, clean the ski room, and make locker signs.” Another manager, sophomore Lilly Bee said, “We make hot chocolate for them every once in awhile, but only when they’ve earned it.” Bee commented, “I like eating in front of their faces when they work out.” When asked if they thought it was fun, both Ramirez and Bee agreed. They both said its tons of fun. Want to know who the coaches are? Dimond math teacher Nate Normandin said, “I coach, along with Coach [Brett] Roth, a Dimond science teacher, Coach [Richard] Stout a Service teacher, and Coach [Shelly] Laws, who had kids in skiing before.” When asked if they would ever consider coaching, most skiers were in agreement. Sophomore Kelson Denton said, “Probably not, it doesn’t seem like much fun.” Swalling said, “No.” As well as Mortenson, Werin, and Kinsey Denton. Falconer said, “Maybe, it’s an open option because I know how to ski, but probably not.” Senior Emily Carpenter was on the same page as Falconer. She said, “I guess I would but I don’t know.” Carey said, “ I helped Sanae Oyama, a foreign exchange student, learn how to ski, so yeah, I think I would.”