Swing Choir

Amongst the different choirs at Dimond, Swing Choir is commonly recognized. Swing Choir is the hardest choir to get into at Dimond because it requires an audition. The singer must also be experienced. Dimond choir teacher Charlotte Smurthwaite said, “Usually, you join choir as a freshman or sophomore and acquire the skills and experience needed, then in your junior or senior year you would audition for swing choir. Auditions are in the spring.” Senior Theresa McKinney said, “[I’m in swing choir because] I’ve been in choir since I was in second grade and I wanted to keep singing.” Junior Spencer Freeman said, “I was originally in concert choir, but I wanted to take it a step further so I auditioned for swing choir and got in.” Hunter Thompson, a junior, said, “I thought it would be fun, I love to sing, and my sister used to be in it.” Sophomore Jovan Villamanca said, “Singing has been part of my life since I was little, and it’s a class that fulfilled my singing desires.” As for their favorites things that class, the members of swing choir have various opinions. Junior Danielle Youngberg said, “I like singing the different types of songs.” Senior Haley Martin said, “I like dancing while we’re singing or when she puts on music to dance with people.” Sophomore Ducan Frank said, “We sing really fun songs.” Overall, most members said they liked the people in swing choir and the songs they sing. Swing choir members had various answers about their least favorite part of the class, but some were on the same page. Freeman said, “[I don’t like] the competition to get in swing choir and just being in swing choir everyone is competitive with each other.” Junior Amara Meierhoff said, “[I don’t like] how short the class is, I wish it was longer.” Frank said, “[I don’t like] songs in different languages, they’re harder to sing.” Senior Aaron Young, Senior Kayla Agnew, Senior Cheryl McKinney, Martin, Youngberg, and Theresa McKinney were all on the same page. They all said that they don’t like when Smurthwaite gets mad or yells at them. The swing choir has different opinions about caroling through the school, but overall, most were in agreement. Cheryl McKinney said, “Caroling really fun. It’s my favorite part of the year. Plus we get out of class for the day so that’s a bonus.” Martin said, “It’s so much fun, I love it. I don’t care if the other people don’t like it, I like to embarrass them! I wish we caroled more often!” Young said, “Caroling is awesome. I think it’s more fun for us than it is for them.” Junior Moses Sohn said, “I think it [caroling] gives people an option to open happiness through carols.” Agnew said, “[Caroling] is so much fun. It’s crazy, but it’s still really fun.” Junior Chad Balmes said, “It’s really tiring, but it’s worth it. It’s also really fun and it gives us a chance to bond.” Junior Emily Goodreau, Moore, and Freeman all agreed by saying caroling was a workout. Youngberg was on the opposite of the spectrum. She said, “It’s okay. It’s kind of awkward sometimes though.”