Senior Spotlight: Sierra Afoa

First year JROTC Cadets compete for Cadet of the Month. Senior Chris Starr said, “In the beginning of the year, you are given a book that has all the answers you need at the test. “Your platoon leader has to nominate you for Cadet of the Month. They then take you under their wing because if you do good, it makes them look good. “They take time to teach you everything you need to know to succeed at the test. “When you get the test, you have to enter a room that has three board members. “They rate you on how you enter and solute. “They look for everything from confidence to how you stand. The first time you go you might be nervous. If you practice enough, you won’t be as nervous. “They also ask you questions that you have to answer about JROTC.” “It definitely builds confidence,” Starr said. Senior Alex Peterson said, ““The test is supposed to simulate a job interview, so when you go for a real job interview, you know how to succeed.” Freshman Savannah Sears said, “I practiced every week. In the beginning, everything was new, including the movements and entering. “They test you on your military knowledge and JROTC. “I feel like I deserve Cadet of the Month because I worked hard for it,” Savannah Sears said. Sears earned Cadet of the Month for the month of November. The month of April was awarded to Freshman Matthew Banez. Banez said, “You have to work hard and practice.” Advice he would give to other cadets looking to earn Cadet of the Month would be to “Study hard and it will pay off. It feels good to be Cadet of the Month.” He also feels he deserves Cadet of the Month because he worked for it. Congratulation Banez for this month’s Cadet of the Month, and to all of the Cadet’s of the Month. Keep up the good work.