Senior Spotlight: Olivia Pepe-Phelps Values Academics, Education

Senior at A.J. Dimond High School Olivia Pepe-Phelps was born to Julie Pepe and Greg Phelps on the morning of February 25, 1996 in Santa Rosa, California.

From her bright beginnings, Pepe-Phelps has been taught to challenge herself in not only her academics but outside of school as well.

Along with this hardworking attitude, Pepe-Phelps has a drive to never give up, which is why she has been so successful during her time in high school.

When asked about her greatest accomplishment in high school, Pepe-Phelps said, “My accomplishment that has made me the most proud in high school was probably being awarded Summa Cum Laude, which is graduating high school with a cumulative GPA of over 4.0.  This means a lot to me because it shows how hard I’ve worked throughout high school and the level of academic excellence I have been determined to uphold.”

This quote is a good summary of how Pepe-Phelps feels about all of her work academically.  She knows how beneficial it is and how important an education is for her future.

All the hard work she has put in is well represented, as Pepe-Phelps will be attending California Polytechnic State University in the fall studying architecture.

Cal Poly is not only one of the most revered architecture schools in California, but the United States.

When hearing all these accomplishments about a single student, one might not be able to imagine that Pepe-Phelps would have time to do anything else in her life, but she definitely can.

Pepe-Phelps has played recreational soccer for seven years, along with playing JV flag football her Sophomore year.

She is driven academically as well as athletically, striving for greatness in everything she does.

One of Pepe-Phelps’ good friends, Junior Jenna Mixson, has nothing but good things to say when asked how she likes her.

“Olivia is one of my best friends, she is someone you can talk to about anything and a person that always pushes you to do the right thing.  She was also on Prom Court which I thought was pretty cool.”

Pepe-Phelps is a good, motivational friend who always has good intentions.  No matter who you ask, they will have nothing but good things to say about her.

The entire student body of Dimond got a little more familiar with Pepe-Phelps at the end of the year, hearing her biography during the Prom assembly when she was announced on Prom Court for 2014.