Seniors Focus on Future Paths

With the end of the school year approaching, seniors are starting to have to decide what path they’re going to follow in their future.

Most seniors haven’t made their decision yet, whether it’s because they’re waiting on a college acceptance letter, or just considering their options.

However, there are currently a couple of seniors, and even juniors who already know where they’re going.

Senior Morgan Byrne has decided to go to Gonzaga University to major in biology.

Byrne said, “ I made this decision based on the location, size, student teacher ratio, and quality of their science program.”

Other factors that helped to make her decision was scholarship money from the university.

Byrne said, “I received scholarships from four other schools, but Gonzaga has always been my first choice college.”

Senior Darby Judd is going to Pacific Lutheran University to play soccer and participate in their nursing program.

Although Judd didn’t receive an athletic scholarship, the University gave her money to cover half of the tuition.

Judd said, “I especially liked the school because of how close it is to Seattle. I love the city and even have some family there.”

Judd also said, “Although Western Washington University or Gonzaga were originally my top choices, I’m very happy and excited to go to PLU.”

Senior Tami Suenram has already chosen to go to Washington State University.

Suenram said, “I’m currently undeclared but I’m planning on majoring in some type of science. Then I’ll go to school to be a dentist, and finally an orthodontist.”

Suenram also said, “I chose WSU because the tuition is pretty cheap, but they still have a good science program. I’m planning on saving my college money for a good graduate school.”

Junior Kelsey Eagle has had a verbal commitment to play soccer for Seattle University.

Eagle said, “I can’t officially sign with Seattle University until I’m a senior, but they have a great division one soccer program and I’m excited to go there. I’m also glad that I don’t have to stress out about where I’m going to college next year.”

While senior Vlad Finko doesn’t know exactly where he’s going, he knows specifically what he wants from a university.

Finko said, “I definitely want to go to a private school on either the East or the West Coast. Currently Stanford is my top choice, then Boston University.”

When asked for advice Finko said, “Don’t be afraid by the sticky price tag of a school. There’s always a way to go to the school of your dreams.”

Senior Caroline Requa is going to Montana State University in the fall.

Requa said, “I go to Montana a lot during the summer to visit family and I love it, it’s the only school I applied to.”

Requa is planning on majoring in Engineering, and also hopes to receive scholarships from the school.

There are many other seniors that are still waiting for acceptance letter or weighing their options before finally deciding, but most seniors will know where they’re going by the end of March.