Senior Year Brings Graduation Orders, Senior Photos and College Applications

Senior year is a go, which calls for graduation orders, senior photos and most importantly college applications. 

“I toured some colleges over the summer to see if I would actually like them and if I liked the campus,” Dimond Senior Shanleigh Sullivan said. 

The idea of college being so close can be daunting to some of the Dimond seniors. 

¨It is hard to believe that college is already so close. It makes me super stressed out to think about. It feels like I still have so much to do,” Dimond Senior Shelby Zimmerman said. 

There are many things to help that daunting feeling go away, such as scholarships.

¨Students should look at scholarships. There is more money out there than students know about. Make sure you do your research,” said Dimond English teacher Antara Brewer. 

There are many things seniors need to accomplish before their graduation on May 11, 2020. Turning in their cap and gown orders was just the beginning. 

̈ ̈Senior year is probably the most expensive year of high school. There’s cap and gowns and then there’s class rings, if you chose to purchase them, and then a lot of students like to visit their prospective colleges,” French teacher Aline Hopkins said. 

Seniors also can order their senior gear as well such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts and many other cool items. 

“I ordered a Sherpa pullover and I really love it. It is super soft and comfortable,” Dimond Senior Lexi Sullivan said.

Other seniors have ordered their class rings and other types of senior apparel. 

“I ordered a class ring over the summer and it already came in. It looks super cool and I’m really glad that I already got it,” Dimond Senior Garrin Mccarty said.

Rings seem to be the most popular things that seniors are getting. 

“All together the cap and gowns, ring and the apparel comes out to be a lot. I am really thankful my parents bought it all for me,” Sullivan said. 

The majority of Dimond seniors are also trying to looking for colleges to attend in the fall. 

“I am hoping to attend Gonzaga in the fall. Some of my friends are talking about taking a gap year. I wouldn’t know what to do during a gap year. I think the best option to do during a gap year is to travel,” Sullivan said. 

Some Dimond seniors think that gap years are a good idea before going to college. There are many places in the world to discover while you take a year off or even jobs to partake in to gain money for when you do go to college. 

“I think it’s smart to go on a gap year. It gives you time to think and relieve stress before returning to school. It could be expensive to take a year off though but it also could be smart to get a job to raise money for going to college the following year,” Dimond Senior Chantilly Camp said. 

It is important for seniors to be thinking about what they are going to do after graduation. 

“I think taking a gap year depends on the student. If you feel that taking a year off is what is best for you then go ahead and have a fun year off of school. However, then when you take a year off, you become more comfortable with being out of school and it is hard to adjust going back,” Hopkins said.

Senior year may be daunting and scary however; according to students and teachers there are many fun and exciting things that happen during the year.