Pets Help Students During Pandemic

Over the course of time people have come to rely on their pets for emotional support.

I myself have gotten really close and dependent on my pets as they always give me positive energy.

During the time of the ongoing pandemic, my family decided to get a pet.

From my own experience, I can say that animals are amazing creatures and they genuinely can make someone’s life happier.

My family and I were getting to a point where we could no longer handle quarantine, but then things changed.

We realized that the most convenient pet for us would be a goat. Then we introduced our new baby goats, Turbo and Leo, to the family. 

Ever since we have had them, we have had something to do. We feed them, give them baths every two weeks, take them on walks, and of course play with them as much as they want. 

My family and I were new to being pet owners but the whole thing was an exciting journey.

We built them a home from scratch and even made it cozy and warm for the winter. 

Not only did we make ourselves happy, but our whole neighborhood was pleased to see our goats as we took them on walks. 

Basically, pets are friends, family, entertainment, mood changers and of course loving creatures. 

Sophomore Sydney McMahan thinks that pets create the perfect environment for this pandemic. McMahan has a dog named Augie and two cats named Trash and Dexter.

“My pets have brought me joy during these weird times and something to distract me. I think that I would be more bored without these pets”. 

I personally think that without a pet, a lot of people would not go outside as often as they do. 

Sophomore Clara Randall, who has a dog named Ginger, stated, “Because I have a dog who needs lots of walks, that made me get outside more often, and I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Sophomore Sierra Houston, who has a husky name Nukka, concurs with this statement.

“ If I didn’t have my dog I would not be going outside as much as I do; I wouldn’t be as active,” she said.

Animals are amazing, but they come with responsibilities. 

Houston said, “they’re cute, but I don’t like picking up dog poop.” 

Sophomore Thalia Bunton, who wants a pet but doesn’t own one, said, “I would want an animal because it is a good way to be active, to learn responsibility, to get exercise, and it would be a good companionship.”

I think that pets are really good friends and even though I have only had my goats for six months, they are still one of the best things that have happened to me. 

Bunton said, “I really think that a pet would have helped me get through the hard times of quarantine. 

“Since my family and I are together all the time, a pet would have given us a way to get away from everyone and just have a down time.”

My experience showed me that animals are like therapists. I spend a little time with them and I am already ten times happier. 

Bunton thinks the same way, “For example, a dog would have been a good therapy for comfort.”

Pets are also an assurance of company. 

Randall stated, “I think my life would be a lot more boring without my dog, I wouldn’t go outside as much, and I wouldn’t have a comfort of knowing I have someone I can cuddle with whenever.

“However I think I would also sleep better as she likes to take up my whole bed.”

At the same time, pets are high maintenance. You have to make sure they are clean, they are not hungry and much more. 

Bunton believes that pets take time.

 “I think priorities would change. I would have to put my pet before my responsibilities; so instead of doing my own things in the morning, I would take care of the pet.”

Overall, pets are irreplaceable, lovely, amazing creatures that are somehow always emotionally supportive. 

Randall stated, “Ginger is everything I need and more.

“If you are bored and lonely, get a dog. They love attention and give you something to focus on besides the current pandemic situation. They also are so cute.