The COVID Complication

A.S.D. mask rules being enforced by providing free masks for students. (Hannah Chouinard)

When everything started Gracie couldn’t believe what was happening. “I was worried at first, and I’m still worried but not as much,” she said. When people found out about COVID, they freaked out in a bad way, everything was so new and unknown. While COVID was happening she was really bored. “COVID didn’t affect me a lot”, she said. “I feel like a lot of people had the same feeling, everything so surreal that it felt like a dream, those where you don’t wake up.” The benefit that she got is that she became more friends with one of her best friends. 

“Masks are uncomfortable,” she said, ” but we have to wear them for the safety of everyone.” Since COVID started, there have been weird times, no one knew anything and everyone wanted to know everything. We can say it was a little bit of chaos. But we have to see the good things in everything.