Drama Debate Forensics

Dimond’s DDF team has flourished this year with only five competing debaters. On the team, we have a senior, a junior, one sophomore, and three freshmen. Our debate coach, Henry Mildon, is a debater at UAA. He has been debating for five years, but he will be graduating and leaving for law school this summer.

Debate, Drama, and Forensics (DDF) is centered around public speaking. Acting, orations, and debating are the centerpieces of DDF, but there is something for everyone with all the different subcategories. Debate has continued to help Mr. Mildon outside of practice, “I made debate a centerpiece of applying to law school. I was able to put that on applications, and through debate programs I’ve gotten thousands of hours of community service.”

Kinsley Pinkston is one of our many new debaters, but her natural talent makes up for experience. Kinsley participates in debate and forensics, also called public speaking. Her original speeches have won her placement as a finalist and 2nd place throughout the DDF season. 

“Tournaments are my favorite because it’s fun to go to different schools with your friends,” says DDF’s only senior, Sydney Jolen. The DDF season came to a close in February with Dimond’s team competing with teams all over the state for three days. 


While we say goodbye to our graduating debaters and our coach, we look forward to next year, when new and returning members will continue to love Dimond DDF. Students are always encouraged to join DDF, no matter what grade. As Mr. Mildon says, “DDF is a great activity to join because it balances both fun and practical skills.” With speaking events on politics and pop culture, group and solo acting events, and even different forms of debate, there is so much to learn and love about DDF.