Intro to Car Maintenance

I am here today to teach you about the stuff your car needs to be able to drive and run on. You want to have your oil and coolant levels checked every so often. Your air filters provide good clean air for your car so you want to change that quite often. When you get new tires and especially when they are used tires you want to check your tread and tire pressure about once a year and also rotate them while you are looking at the tread and pressure. It’s also important to check your headlights quite often because you can get pulled over for having a headlight out and so changing them are important for you to stay out of tickets. Another thing that people often forget to change is your oil and your oil filter around every 3,500 miles. Make sure you use the right oil for your car. It’s very important to keep your car and its engine clean and make sure to always keep your parts clean and constantly change them when you hit the mileage for them. Happy driving Dimond!!