North Korea Is in the News

The past couple of months’ headlines have been full of news about North Korea.

North Korea is small country that lies above its neighboring country, South Korea.

Being an autocratic government, the country is known for lack of human rights, massive nuclear weapon supply and a powerful dictator known as Kim Jong Un.

Un came into power in December 2011, following his father, Kim Jong Il’ death. Since then, Kim Jong has increased it’s nuclear missile testing, creating tensions between them and countries such as the United States and South Korea, especially with the missiles landing so close to South Korean waters.

Dimond Senior Remi Embly said, “It makes me feel a little frightened to hear about the news of all the missiles North Korea tests and how far they can reach from where they launch. I saw on the news that they can even reach the West Coast of the United States.”

Embly is correct. North Korea’s missile’s range have increased,which means if war were to begin between them and the United States, we could possibly get hit.

The country has also been recently upset due to a movie produced by Sony Pictures depicting the assassination of the dictator Kim Jong Un.

The movie “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, was set to be released on Christmas Day until Sony Pictures was hacked.

The hack was devastating, releasing financial records of some their employees along with their social security numbers.

The hack also released plans for future pictures to be produced along with new movies that are already in the process of being filmed.

The hack was said to be done by the “Guardians of Peace” an unknown group classified as cyber terrorists by the FBI.

The FBI took over the investigation of the cyber-hack and started to decrypt the code used to get into Sony’s servers.

They found code that matched North Korean computer coding which lead them to the conclusion that it was infact the North Korean government who was responsible for the cyber attack.

President Barack Obama announced that the United States would “respond proportionally”

With the hack and repeated threats from the “Guardians of Peace” major movie theater companies refused to show the movie in their theaters.

This led to a lot of disappointment from fans who were looking forward to the comical film.

Dimond Senior Colin O’Hare says, “I saw all the trailers for the movie and I really enjoy movies with Seth Rogen, so I was really disappointed when I heard that they weren’t going to show it in theaters. But now you can watch it and rent it online and that made me really happy.”

Because of the high demand for the film to be shown, Sony pictures decided to put the comedy online to websites such as YouTube, Hulu and XBOX Video to be rented or bought.

Despite the threats from North Korea, the movie was released to the public, because the United States does not give in to terrorist demands.

So far North Korea has not made any major threats following the film’s release but it has only been a short time since its internet debut.