New Staff: Mike Scott

Mr. Scott is a new staff member here at Dimond. He has always wanted to be a teacher and was interested in reading and writing. He previously taught at East High School as an English teacher and was there for 11 years;, he also worked at KCC for a year as an assistant principal, and was an assistant principal for 5 years at Mears Middle School. He is now the curriculum principal here at Dimond. In the summer he is a summer school principal, but he wasn’t last year because he wanted to take a break. He enjoys helping with the development of the teachers and helps them develop ways to help some students learn differently. He does a lot of organizing for things like parent-teacher conferences and other events. If any students have any issues with teachers they should go to him or any higher-up. He’s also the one in charge of grades and making sure we are on our way to graduation. In the summer he likes fishing, camping, hiking, and also jet skinning but what he really loves is doing it with his family.