Wearing a Mask, Social Distancing, Hand Washing Are Key Covid-19 Precautions

Most people are concerned about the ongoing pandemic, but what is the general public doing about it?

As the CDC recommends, masks are one of the biggest precautions to take but that is not all. 

Burcu Turker, a college student in the medical lab science program said, “Masks are a major part of protecting ourselves and others from the spread of the virus.

“However optimal protection from the virus can be obtained from a combination of wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands often.” 

Many people agree with the statement above, especially since it is supported by our health care workers.

Andrea Muzzy, a clinical nurse manager at a local hospital, advocates this idea, and stated, “In my opinion the necessary precautions people should be taking is first and foremost washing your hands! 

“Wearing a mask is effective, but cleansing your hands frequently helps prevent the spread of more than just COVID.”

A mask is both recommended and required in public places, but how do the people using it feel?

Sophomore athlete Sydney McMahan said, “I think it is necessary and it does suck sometimes but you are protecting not only yourself but you are also protecting others.”

Furthermore, Burcu Turker said, “This pandemic is not to be taken lightly,” and no matter how uncomfortable the safety equipment can be, they must be worn at all times. 

Likewise, Sophomore Akasha Wilson said, “It’s tough to wear it for too long especially with glasses because it hurts the back of my ears. 

“However, I don’t mind wearing a mask in public. I think we definitely should wear them.”

Of course many people are not comfortable wearing these masks but they feel it is necessary to keep a safe environment.

Municipal engineer Ali Turker said, “I don’t like it, it’s not comfortable and it is restricting, however we have no other choice during the pandemic.”

Ali Turker also left an important message, and said, “Remember kids we cannot win this pandemic war without working together; it is our business together whether we like it or not because our health and survival depend on it.”

Keep in mind that public facilities are doing their best to restrict the spreading of COVID-19.

Staff and student services assistant principal Christopher Kleckner said, “Dictated by the district, all individuals in the building must be wearing masks at all times unless they are in their own office or area by themselves.”

Similarly, Ali Turker said that his workplace does the following, “Some employees work from home where a limited number of people can access work at a given time.

“There, a health professional measures those people’s temperatures in the morning before they enter the building in which masks must be on at all times.”

Not only is it important to wear a mask, but it also needs to be an effective one that is handled properly.

The CDC states five steps to handling a mask: “1. Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin; try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face.

“2. Don’t put the mask around your neck or up on your forehead and make sure you can breathe easily. 

“3. Don’t touch the mask, and if you do, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to disinfect​.

“4. When removing, fold the outside corners together, handle only by the ear loops or ties and place the mask in the washing machine.

“5. Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing, and wash hands immediately after.”

To add to that, Muzzy stated, “Medical grade masks are the most effective, but I think any coverage is better than none.”

Analogously, Burcu Turker said, “According to studies that I have read, surgical masks and homemade two-ply cotton masks are the most effective.”

It is true that masks can be annoying and frustrating, but they are there for a reason. 

Mcmahan said, “Be safe and keep wearing your mask even if you do not enjoy it, remember to not just think about yourself but the people around you.”

Additionally, Wilson said, “Wear a mask!”

As a health care provider Muzzy stated, “It will end.”

Burcu Turker said, “it is crucial that everyone takes the virus seriously and takes all precautions possible to stop the spread of the virus so that we may return to our normal lives and eradicate the virus.”