Ask-Out Competition Adds Fun to Prom

With another dance just around the corner, Dimond High student government decided to revive the DHS Prom Ask-Out competition.

The competition was created to promote the 2014 Sadie Hawkins dance, which had recently been receiving its lowest attendance since its creation.

“We wanted to give some of the students motivation to get out and ask. Particularly the girls,” said Dimond Junior Taelor Hawley.

Hawley has been in Dimond’s student government since freshman year and came up with the idea for an ask-out competition.

“I’ve had this idea in the back of my head for a while now, and after last year’s Sadie Hawkins attendance, I felt like it would be a great time for something new.”

Hawley and Dimond senior and Commissioner of Spirit Jin Chong were the main supporters of the idea.

“When I heard it, I loved it,” Chong said when asked about when he first heard of the DHS ask-out idea.

“We felt like giving prizes away was a good motivational tool not only for more people to ask, but for more people to get creative.”

Thus, the competition was brought back to life for Prom 2014.

“Why not continue to encourage kids to be creative with their asks? I’ve loved all the asks so far, but especially my own,” Chong said with a slight chuckle.

Chong asked Dimond sophomore Anjoilyn Reeland to Prom this year with some extravagant signs and a stuffed horse.

“I thought asking a sophomore to Prom would be a unique experience. She’s a great girl, and I know she gained some popularity points with her friends from that one.”

When asked about his hopes of winning, Chong only had to say, “I sure hope so. After seeing everybody else’s asks, especially Rocky Vasai’s, it’s going to be a tight competition for sure.”

Rocky Vasai, a Dimond High junior is considered the favorite to win the Ask-Out competition so far amongst the students.

“I was so surprised when he asked me, and it was so cute,” said askee Dimond senior Taliyah Edwards.

“He brought me up to a student made tunnel leading to the commons where he had a band playing and we just danced in front of everybody. I was a little embarrassed at first but I know Rocky and I knew it was all for fun,” Edwards said.

When asked if she believed Vasai would win the grand prize of free Prom tickets Edwards said, “Oh of course. Nobody could beat that.”

Aside from free Prom tickets, prizes include deals on tuxes at Anderson’s bridal and a variety of other prizes.

“I’m goin’ for free prom tickets. If you’re not first, you’re last,” said Dimond

senior Tanner Crowe, who recently asked Dimond sophomore Renae Hamilton by landing a plane

next to her on a runway with a sign that read, “Don’t make me fly solo to Prom.”

“If I don’t win those tickets, I’m going to be pretty upset. It’s not every day you involve a plane for an ask out. In my opinion the plane is why I should win. It’s a big deal,” Crowe continued to say.

With all the ask-outs literally flying at the judges, it’s going to be a very tough, and tight competition.