Finals Bring Stress, Hours of Study

The time of year almost all students have come to dread has finally arrived.

Finals week.

With the coming of finals, a heavy amount of pressure and stress is put on students as the fearful thoughts of making or breaking their grades arise.

Despite finals coming only twice throughout the entire school year, they are perhaps the most important test of a student’s comprehension of a specific subject.

Sophomore Josh Song, shared his experiences with taking finals the year before, as well as his thoughts on those just around the corner.

“I feel scared and nervous because I know finals can impact my grades.” Song said.

Song states the worries that many students who are heavily motivated to earn high marks in their academic career.

Song mentioned, “I think they [the finals] will be fairly challenging. AP World History and English worry me the most.”

Deciding how to study for finals can be a hard obstacle to overcome, especially with the time constraint of one to two weeks.

For some students such as Song, dividing up the study load over a period of days has helped them to alleviate some stress, and spending two to four hours a night studying is plenty of time in which to prepare for finals.

“I think there should be finals only at the end of the whole school year and not the semester, or just get rid of them altogether” Song said.

Sophomore Christopher Chung possessed worries similar to Josh’s.

“I’m definitely nervous about finals, I’m going to have my first AP final to worry about!” Chung said, similar to Song’s statement.

“I think I’ll pass my classes this time around.” Chung said, indicating his confidence towards taking his exams.

Chung has similar ways to study and prepare for finals in order to assure to perform to the best of his ability.

“I go over my notes and sometimes use flashcards for english and history, and for math and science I just redo some problems given in our homework” Chung said, “It’s really about knowing the process.”

During finals week, Chung dedicates an ample amount of time to his studying.

“I usually spend two to three hours a day during the week, maybe a little more depending on the class.” Chung said.

“The test-taking environment gets me in the zone in order to focus on the exam.” Chung said.

In contrast to Song’s statement, Chung has another opinion on finals as a whole, especially on whether or not to have teachers even give a final.

Chung believes that finals are needed in order to gauge a student’s comprehension of the topic.

For students that have an A in a given class, Chung believes that a student should not be excused from taking a final, and that, “Everyone needs to suffer through finals week,” Chung said, “regardless of how high a student’s grade may be.”

Ultimately, finals are an undeniable aspect of high school, and students are required to take them despite the stress they bring.