Horror Series Has Dimond Fans

“The Walking Dead” is an American horror television series about an apocalyptic world where some sort of mysterious disease has infected the whole world.


The disease turns humans into always blood-hungry, mindless, salivates-at-the-sight-of-flesh zombies or “walkers”, as most in the show call them.


The series is based on the series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.


It was developed for television by Frank Darabont, who wrote or co-wrote four of the season’s six episodes and directed the pilot.


“The Walking Dead” started airing on October 31, 2010, and since then it has been a huge success on television.


There are currently three full seasons, and the producers are in the process of airing the season four episodes.


The events in episodes of “The Walking Dead” go like this: You find hope, you lose it some way or another. You find people, but they are either crazy, suicidal or want to kill you. You find a hideout, it gets overrun by walkers eventually. it’s a truly sad, dismal cycle.


While watching the series you learn the rules of this new world. Don’t get attached to people, don’t trust anyone and keep moving.


Some people who change for the worst are almost scarier than the zombies.


Although some might find the show as depressing and unnecessarily gory at times (I personally agree with the gory part) many mostly love this show for its deep and well developed storyline.

There are many “The Walking Dead”  fans at Dimond.


Kaitlyn Allen, a junior, is a big fan of  “The Walking Dead”. She said she watches this popular show when it airs every Sunday.


She also said she liked “The Walking Dead” because of the thrill she gets from watching it and the storyline. She enthusiastically added, “They keep you guessing by the end of each episode.”


Allen’s favorite character is the tough, brutal, sword wielding, dreadlock-adorning Michonne because, she said, “She’s a strong female character and fearless.”


Allen also feels that the character who might unfortunately die next is “the crazy little girl who was naming the zombies” because she believes the director needs a slight twist that will affect Carol (a character in the show taking care of this girl) badly.


Allen thinks the show will have six or seven seasons total, which seems like a great number of episodes for this intense and adrenaline pumping television series.


Nyamekeye Sawyer, a senior here at Dimond absolutely loves “The Walking Dead”. She has had quite a lot to say about it.


Sawyer watches “The Walking Dead”  “every chance I get.”


Sawyer likes the show because she thinks this show is an accurate and entertaining point of view on what would happen in an apocalyptic world.


To her, a zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem so far fetched, so it adds a bit of realism. “Plus who can forget the zombies!” she said.


Rick (the Sheriff) is Sawyer’s favorite character because in her opinion, “He’s really been a dynamic character and it’s interesting to see how he changes and develops throughout the show. Despite whatever changes, he’s still a strong character and I really like that.”


Sawyer, having read the comics up to date, says she can probably predict who will die next, but doesn’t want to spoil anything. Phew, thanks for the spoiler warning.


Lastly, Sawyer thinks “The Walking Dead” is unique because it has more of a human side to it.


Instead of having the “superhuman powerhouse,” as she amusingly stated, that has paramilitary weapons of mass destruction that aids the world of the epidemic single handedly.


It shows people who are like us before the apocalyptic situation and how they’ve adapted to live in this new and dangerous world.


Sawyer said, “It makes you think about how you would be in that situation.” I agree wholeheartedly.


There are even those who’ve never watched, nor taken an interest in “The Walking Dead” but at least have heard about it from somewhere.


That shows you just how popular this show is.


Sade Wolfe, a freshman, knows little about the entirety of this show but she knows about it from hearing it around school, seeing it on Instagram and such.


All she knows is that  “there are zombies in it.”


Although she, and perhaps some other people may not be interested in “The Walking Dead”, it definitely shows how the popularity of this zombie-decapitating show can spread its word far and wide.