Xenoblade Chronicles X Rates High on Exploration, Content, Music and Graphics

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a JRPG made by Monolith Soft that has recently come out on Nintendo’s household system, the Wii U.

The story of this game takes place on the planet Mira, a vast planet with five distinct continents, where humans have crash landed after a dire escape attempt before earth was destroyed in the year of 2054.

Players take control of a human that they can customize to their content and it’s their job to find the life hold, the key to human survival.

I have played the game to completion after a total of 67 hours.

I am not the type of gamer to play a game for more than 30 hours, so this game really hit me like Cupid’s arrow when I kept wanting to play it.

Throughout this play through I thoroughly enjoyed the vast world, it is beautifully designed in not only how it looks, but how all platforming works really well.

Senior Aspen Harless said, “The visuals are beyond gorgeous and most of the time I just roam around Mira trying to catch every glimpse of the game.”

Players can put off the story in the game to do whatever you want at one point, and that is when the story takes a dive and it becomes unimportant.

Gamer Jake Woodke said, “The story of the game was pretty meh, it was just there so that the game would have a direction to go towards in the end.”


One of the coolest parts of the game is how players can customize their character.

There are thousands of combinations with body parts and cosmetics to get your perfect character to roam around Mira in.

The battle system in the game is very fast paced and fluid, which allows for intense battles that can be triggered by attacking a monster, having a monster see you or by making noise around a monster.

The music in the game helps promote the overall theme of the game, exploration, and it always gets me pumped up, especially the flight music.

Harless stated, “The background music when exploring areas is where the game shines in the music department. My personal favorite track is the Primordia day theme.”

The game has so much replay value that I could spent another 70 hours in it before I completely finish the game.

There are thousands of missions and areas to explore that it was hard to get bored.

The game also features a lot of online content where players join a squad with their friends or just join some random people and try to take on what’s called the global nemesis where everyone in the world needs to defeat it a number of times to win.

The game has a unique day and night system that I personally enjoy because some monsters only can come out at night or during the day.

Junior Matt Fern stated, “To fully see everything in the game you have to explore it twice, once during the day and another during the night. It really shows what a good development team can do with an open world.”

My favorite part of the game is knowing that the player is never safe, there is always a monster that is a lot stronger than you, a tyrant, that can show up and you always have to be cautious.

I would give Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Nintendo Wii U an 8.7 out of 10 due to its great exploration, amount of content, wonderful music and the graphics that put everything together.