Dimond Students Have Mixed Feelings about “Zoolander 2: The Sequel”

Fifteen years ago, the top hit “Zoolander” came out in theaters starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell. Two rivals, Derek “Zoolander” (Stiller), and Hansel (Wilson) compete to get to the top of the fashion world. The action-packed comedy got top numbers and the cast reunited to make a sequel.


After years of living in seclusion, the models are tossed back into the industry and face shocking tasks that involve saving pop stars from someone on a killing spree.


Many teenagers are the audience of this new movie, “Zoolander 2: The Sequel.”


At Dimond High School, Madison Hoppman, a junior, shared her thoughts.


“The first ‘Zoolander’ was really funny! I saw the second one recently and I thought it was good, but most prequels just don’t match up to the original.”


Rhiannon Dexter, also a junior, said, “I haven’t seen the second one, and I don’t really want to honestly. The actors are good but it seems like a weird combination for this type of movie.”


Those who remember the brief Donald Trump stint in the first “Zoolander” may have mixed feelings about the notion of the sequel due to current tension of the 2016 presidential election.


Some stars who are featured in the new “Zoolander” include Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who expressed his own opinion on the movie through a series of the following tweets:


“I saw ‘Zoolander’ 2 for the 2nd time.”

“Will Ferell has reached walking living breathing god status!”


“His existence is a blessing.”


Kanye West openly expressed his opinion on the movie that he featured in, and it is hard to deny the godly complex of Will Ferrell’s talent.


It is interesting to take a new turn with Derek and Hansel, who work together in this film as compared to previous opposition. Critic reviews claim that sequels to comedy movies are “best left as platonic ideals—dreamed of and tittered over but unmade” (The New Yorker).


Though opinions vary, more students at Dimond give their perspective.


Another junior, Delanie Maxon, said “I can’t believe it’s already been 15 years since the first one came out. I didn’t expect another one to succeed the first but I thought that it was really good and the play on Hansel and Derek being best friends this time was cool to see how everything changes.”


After asking her favorite character, Maxon said  “I don’t know if I have a favorite character, although it’s definitely anyone but Justin Bieber. If I have to decide I might just choose Owen Wilson, who plays Hansel because he’s a really good actor from what I can tell.”


Ultimately, Ben Stiller directed and produced a vision of professional entertainment and satirical sketches that brought the cast and audience enjoyment. Every film comes with critique and praise, so it is up to the watcher to form their opinion.