Dimond Fans Love Second Season of “Stranger Things”

        The Netflix original show “Stranger Things” has been a television phenomenon since July of 2016, when the first season aired.

         In late October, season two was released and the fans have been raving about it.

         Unlike the first season, the second has nine episodes, new characters and even its own side series of interviews also available on Netflix called “Beyond Stranger Things.”

         The new season followed the previous season in its inclusion of cliffhangers after every episode, comedy across the board and rocking 80s outfits, settings and music in every scene.

         Nic Meza, a senior at Dimond, said, “My feeling toward the show hasn’t changed: I still think it’s great. The reasons that I’m a fan, however, have changed. I originally became a fan because Netflix had created something that was original and highly entertaining.

“The story kept me engaged and the casting was simply spot on. While both of those things are present in season two, they were eclipsed by something else-character. The character arcs in the show really got me thinking about what it means to change and grow as a person,” Meza said.

         Zoe Mahugh, a senior at Dimond, said, “As a viewer watching season two you understand who Will is a lot better than the first season and also come to understand Lucas’s home life and Dustin’s home life.”

         Hal Suniga, a senior at Dimond, said, “I wouldn’t say it was necessarily better than season one, but it really did do a good job of continuing the story.  The quality of the second season was better in terms of acting, and it especially showed how talented the kids are, especially Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobbie Brown.”

         Although there is love for every character brought to life in the show, every fan has their own personal favorite.

         Meza said, “Eleven is absolutely my favorite character. One, she’s awesome. She can flip vans with her mind and defeat a whole pack of demodogs. On a more serious note, the show has a theme of being a ‘freak’ or an ‘outcast,’ and Eleven is the most emphasized example of that.

“I empathized with her more than I did with some of the other characters because of her feeling of alienation from her peers which has gotten better over time and her painful background which she has begun to overcome.”

         Mahugh said, “My favorite character is Dustin Henderson and I like him the most because he’s hilarious and brave and honest.”

Mahugh is such a big fan she has created a series of art projects focused on the show.

She said, “My art project of Dustin was in watercolor and it was for art. The assignment ‘text in art,’ that’s why it has several of Dustin’s quotes. The character I want to do next is Steve Harrington.”

         Suniga said, “ My favorite character is definitely Hopper because I just love that relationship he has with Eleven. A quote that is a favorite of mine from him is, ‘Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.’”

         There is even some debate about who the fans would choose to star as, given the opportunity to be casted in a certain character’s role.

         Meza said, “Probably Jonathan Byers because we’re both kind of weird. I could totally play an awkward introvert with a passion for photography.”

         It is not very often that a television show is released all at once on the same day. This feature is specific to Netflix and the viewers are lucky to be able to binge watch the entire series over the weekend.

        It is also not very common for a show to be released alongside of a series of interviews from the cast about the show.

        Beyond Stranger Things, the shorter side series of interviews released on Netflix alongside season two, is almost as popular as the show itself.

         Meza said, “’Beyond Stranger Things’ is fun to watch. It’s always satisfying to get extra commentary on the show by the people that made it and to hear their interpretations of it. The Stranger Things kids are also so funny.

“YI do recommend that fans of the show watch it, because it answers those questions that they might have had that wouldn’t be explained without the extra commentary.”

         Mahugh said, “I would so recommend watching Beyond Stranger Things it’s funny and exciting to see how the actors act when they aren’t fully in character and hearing what the actors think about their own character is really fascinating.”

         Racquel Micheletto, a senior at Dimond, said, “After completing Stranger Things season two I was happy about the ending and I felt like it was all wrapped up nicely, but when I watched ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ I was so happy I did. It has interviews from all of the main characters and it’s seriously hilarious. Ten out of ten from me.”

        In the end, the fans are happy with the turnout; however, this does not stop them from wanting more.

        Season three has been confirmed and will soon begin the filming process; people are already beginning to cast their predictions about the direction of the new season.

         Meza said, “Obviously the mindflayer [the shadow monster] is going to continue stirring trouble and trying to fulfill whatever its plan is.

“I think fans will get to see Eleven adapt to her new life of not having to stay in hiding from the government.There might be some funny moments showing her interactions with all the normal kids at school,” he said.  

“Will Hopper and Joyce fall in love? Who knows. Bob would be a hard one to get over,” Meza said.

         Mahugh said, “My predictions for season three are that Max is finally gonna get along with El, Billy is gonna cause a lot more problems for the crew, the shadow monster is gonna attack again in another way and possibly another person too and El’s sister is gonna help them.”

         Suniga said, “They’re probably going to have to go to the Upside Down. Since we met El’s sister and her gang, we may see more people like them.  and maybe we’ll explore more of Max’s character and how she’s involved with the group.  Hopefully we’ll see more of Dustin and Steve interacting.”

         Micheletto said, “I want to see more scenes with Eleven and Mike and I really really want to see Eleven go to school with the boys. At the same time I don’t want the directors to go in the direction of school or relationship drama. So I’m excited, but also skeptical.”

The Netflix original “Stranger Things” has come a long way in the past two years, and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.