Farcry Is Action-Adventure Series

The Farcry series is an action-adventure first-person shooter series.

While “Farcry 3” took you to the tropical, pirate-infested Rook Islands and “Farcry 4” took you to a fictional country in the Himalayas, “Farcry 5” brings you to place more closer to home, the fictional Hope County, Montana.

You take control of the local junior deputy, usually called ‘Rookie’ or ‘Rook’ by the other characters, who is tasked with taking down a local cult who has seized control of the entire county.

Besides attempting to eliminate a cult, there is a lot to do in this game to distract you instead.

The wildlife in the game is plentiful, spanning from different types of bear, wolf, deer and even vicious wolverines, they’re kind of scary. So you can hunt animals to your heart’s content.

Another activity in this game is fishing.

That’s right, if you get tired of dismantling an entire cult, you can take a break and find a nearby body of water, cast that line out and hook yourself some fish.

There is a huge array of fish to catch like some well known species like salmon and trout.

The map of the county is fairly large, but also pretty empty until you’ve explored the county a bit. So hop in a car or plane explore away.

Carson Hile, a Dimond senior,said, “There is a lot to do in this game besides your main objective. My favorite thing to do is to just go fishing, I’m pretty sure I spent two hours once just fishing. That doesn’t mean your main objective isn’t fun as well. There’s a lot you have to dismantle a threatening cult.

“You have take control of the many outpost planted around the map in order to control away from the cult. There’s two way to go about that, you can go in quiet, taking over the outpost without cult members noticing you, or you can just go in loud, gun-ho.

“It’s a lot easier than trying to be quiet, but you’re more prone to failing. There are other way to lessen the cult’s control, like rescuing victims of the cult or taking cult VIP.”

“Farcry 5” also includes a cooperative(co-op) mode where you can play with a friend.

John Neef, a player of the game who lives in California, said, “I pretty much only play this game with a friend, because the added aspect of a second player can make this game fun, and also kind of funny. One time my friend and I were fishing in a creek, we had the idea of trying to fish off a plane that was taking off. Well I tried to take off while my friend attempted to fish out of the plane, he ended hooking a fish, which didn’t last because our plane blew up.

“The only downside to playing to playing co-op is that you don’t earn achievements for doing main story mission, which I guess doesn’t matter if you don’t care about achievements. There’s also a multiplayer mode where you can play with six people, but it wasn’t very fun.”

Overall the game is very fun to play and there’s a lot to do, but it has its problems.

Ethan Luddy, another California player of the game, said, “I think the game’s pretty fun, you can do a lot of stuff in the game. There are improvements like removing the annoying part where you have to climb towers to fill in the map that was included in last games, but they also took other part out that I wished they didn’t, like gathering plants to make recovery items. Now all you can do is try to find medkits to heal yourself. Overall, I give the game an 8 out of 10.”