“Knives Out” Reimagines Mystery Movie Genre

Premiering in late November, the movie “Knives Out,” took to the theaters, bringing a new reimagination to the mystery movie genre. 

“Knives Out” captivated viewers with a thrilling plot that kept the audience on the edge of their seat, as a new Clue-like mystery played out before them.

             Dimond Junior Anita Koelsch said, “I really enjoy the thrills and suspense of murder mysteries.”

“Knives Out” gained initial attention from the famous actor cast, including actors such as: Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig and Michael Shannon. 

These big-name actors and actresses played the role of a wealthy family, attempting to unravel the strange death of their father, with Daniel Craig being the iconic lead detective.

The actors working in “Knives Out” come from a diverse background of careers with Chris Evans being recognized for his role as Captain America in “The Avengers,” Jamie Lee Curtis being known for early work in “Halloween,” and “Freaky Friday” and Daniel Craig being recognized for his role as James Bond.

Dimond Sophomore Taylor Heckart said, “I loved the set, especially the big house where a lot of the movie took place, it felt like a game of real life Clue. Along with that the characters themselves were so interesting and fun to watch on screen.

“Every character had some secret layer underneath that was slowly shown throughout the movie, and always made the truth a little more muddled.”

Leading actress Ana de Armas played the role of Marta Cabrera, who was the main character in the film. Armas nominated for the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Golden Globe for her role in “Knives Out.”

“Knives Out” scored an outstanding 97 percent on rotten tomatoes, and rated a respectable 8.1/10 by IMDb. It has grossed $270 million so far, making $70 million when it debuted, and with a $40 million budget, this movie can be considered a big success.

Heckart said, “I have to say, I went into this movie convinced I knew how it was going to turn out, and I was absolutely wrong. I love a good mystery, and the plot took me on a wonderful journey where I thought I knew what was going on, when in reality truly nothing was as it seemed at surface level.”

“Knives Out” was produced and directed by esteemed writer Rian Johnson, who also played key roles in the production of hit movies such as “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Personally, I absolutely loved Knives Out. For my generation there has not been any sort of big mystery movie like this that has been able to play out the iconic Clue-like murder mystery without coming off as a cliche. 

It had enough unique twists and qualities, as well as a very familiar and fun actor cast, to make it different enough from other mysteries to come off as its own story. 

Dimond Junior Jasmine An said, “Most mysteries are usually pretty cheesy and have some of the same cliches as other movies in the genre.”

Heckart said, “I think the mystery was actually a really unique take. For half of the movie I was convinced there was no mystery, that they’d shown their hands way too early, and I was confused as to why all my friends were so excited about it.
“I think it was three-fourths of the way into the movie when the mystery part really took off and did a 180. I loved it, and I hope I get to see it a second time around, because I get the feeling it’ll be even better.”