Sprite Cranberry Is Holiday Blend with Mixed Reviews

The friendly, animated face of Lebron James offers anyone and everyone a Sprite Cranberry around this time of the year. Some people feel like it’s overrated and others adore it.

Some people feel like the only thing Sprite Cranberry is good for is the Meme Economy, a satirical concept where people discuss the worth of a meme as well as if it’s a good meme or not.

Dimond Senior Simon Hermann said, “Sprite Cranberry was kinda lackluster as a meme, but the drink was pretty good. I feel like the meme didn’t die quick enough.

“It definitely did contribute to the meme economy, but it’s one of the few memes that was taken over the line from meme to just plain annoying, but I’ll still buy probably once a month.”

Dimond Senior Zach Hoogerhyde said, “I’d definitely be down for a Sprite Cranberry right now. I’m kinda parched right now. I’ve seen a semi-famous musician chug a whole can of Sprite Cranberry on stage.

“It tastes pretty good. I’d pick up a can or two in the last few weeks of the holiday season. As for the meme part, I love Lebron James asking me if I want a Sprite Cranberry, that’s really it, I’m kind of a normie.”

Dimond Junior Martha Burton said, “I haven’t had Sprite Cranberry but I’ll potentially buy some. Personally, I feel like it’s a quality meme, it’s cash money.”

Dimond Junior James Brocales said, “I’m gonna be honest with you, it’s not that good. It’s basically just regular Sprite with a cranberry aftertaste 

“Oh yeah, it definitely did a lot of good for the meme economy, you could do so much with it.”

Dimond Junior Luis Quimel said, “Don’t get me started on it, I hate it, I don’t love it. I’ll never buy any, absolutely zero.

“I hate the meme. it’s not good. I hate it with all my existence. It hasn’t contributed anything to the meme economy.”

Dimond Junior Colin Adams said, “It belongs to the people and should always. It’s contributed to the meme economy tremendously although it has a short lifetime.”

Dimond Junior Sean Olmeda said, “I love it, I think the fact that most people associate it with the Sprite Cranberry meme will do good for their sales and marketing. 

“I’ve had the drink and since then I’ve always wanted it, I’ll probably be buying some at least five days a week.”

Dimond Senior Tyrell Fronteras said, “I inhaled 12 cans in less than a day. I’ll buy it whenever I’m not broke. I’ll buy it whenever, really.”