Senior Spotlight: Breckynn Willis

 Breckynn Willis is an incredible athlete and student. She has eight varsity letters from both swimming and cheer. She has a 3.6 GPA and is captain of the swim team. 

Willis is the older sister of four siblings. Two of her younger siblings are already in high school. As well as two more on their way in. 

“ Breckynn is a solid student. I think she chose programs and classes that challenged her and I really enjoyed having her in my class,” Dimond History  teacher Lem Wheeles said. 

Willis also began doing the mentoring program at Dimond when she was a junior. In which she naturally excelled in as a leader. 

“ Oh, yes she does a great job, Breckynn has been in mentoring for two years. I enjoy having her, actually I’ve had her for 3 years, I had her as a sophomore for English,” Dimond English and mentoring teacher Kristen Melican said. 

In addition to her extracurriculars and hectic schedule she also managed to be a Homecoming princess in her free time. Imagine being that talented. 

“She has a phenomenal dedication to performance and is fiercely competitive, There has not been a day of practice she has missed,”  Dimond High school Swim Coach Scott O’Brien said.

 In fact, don’t be surprised to see her here every Tuesday and Thursday morning at six in the morning doing doubles. 

However, she’s not just a swimmer. She has dabbled in art, maybe searching for yet another career? 

“I think art made her a better swimmer and a better person, but I know she is strong and can get through anything thrown at her,”  said Dimond art Teacher Cullen Lickingteller said. 

Willis is also an amazing friend and leader to her teammates and peers alike. 

“‘Breckynn is one of the most hardworking people you’ll meet. She is nice to everyone while still managing to get what needs to be done, done. That is what makes her a good captain. She will always be there with an answer when you need one, you can count on her because she is reliable,”  Dimond student and swimmer Hannah Boyce said.

¨Breckynn is the kind of person to hold her head high no matter what life throws at her. She sticks by her friends and spreads so much kindness,¨ Dimond Senior Kinlee O´donell said. 

Willis is a talented swimmer, and is kind hearted by nature. That can be attributed to her hard work, dedication, and empathetic traits. 

It is safe to say she’s come very far since her freshman year. We are all excited to see her continue in her endeavours.