The ’80s and ’90s Horror Slashers

Most people watch old slasher movies from the ‘90s and ‘80s during Halloween, so I’m going to go over all the most famous ones and talk about them like what their powers are, what they can do, and if they can be killed. I will start with the one that scared me the most as a kid.

Chucky: Charles Lee Ray, better known as Chucky, is a killer inside of a children’s doll after someone snitched on him. To make sure he survived, he transferred his soul to a doll. A few years later he gets bought by the protagonist, Andy, and while Chucky’s original goal was to transfer his soul back into a human’s body, after a couple of movies he realizes that there are a lot of benefits to being a killer doll, so he stayed as a doll. But during The Cult of Chucky, he figures out how to split his soul into other dolls, but with a restriction: to only the popular “Good Guy” doll line, but he can still go into humans. All he needs to do is to corrupt them into killing and transfer the spell onto the human killer. Body count: 72+

Strengths: experienced killer, an expert manipulator, has his own army, soul splitting, soul transferring, the small size makes it harder to hit him, the strength of a full grown man

Weaknesses: he can be killed like a regular person, and weighs as much as a  regular doll so you can field goal him if he gets close.
Michel Myers: Michel Myers is a terrifying killer. After 15 years of captivity, Myers broke out of the asylum and started his killing spree. As a child, Michael was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for the murder of his older sister, Judith Myers, to murder his remaining family relatives and anyone who would get in his way. And the worst part is that he has no sad backstory. He lives a normal life like Chucky. He is just psychotic and wants to kill. Body count: 94

Strengths: insanely durable: can take bullets and beatings like a champ, insanely strong, almost to superhuman levels, can easily crush your skull in a few kicks.

Weaknesses: incredibly slow walking speed, fast but no one knows how fast he truly is.
        Jason Voorhees: Jason was born with a huge birth defect, which made him look like a burn victim. His mother tried her best for him,  so she sent him to Camp Crystal Lake, where she worked in the cafeteria, but with Jason’s birth defect he was bullied severely. One day, the kids found out he had a fear of water so they put a bag over his head and threw him into the lake. Unfortunately, Jason couldn’t swim so he drowned in the lake while the camp guards were making love in the woods, so in a fit of rage Jason’s mother went and killed all but one of the guards of the lake. Now, Jason haunts the lake hoping to avenge his mother one day. Body count: 163

Strengths: Very tough person to kill, he can’t die no matter what happens to him. Strength is almost equal to Michael Myers.

Weaknesses: his mother,  if you look like his mom and wear her dress he will think that you are his mom and you are safe, water: he is still afraid of water so you can use it to slow him down.
The Ring: an unknown origin story of a ghost tape; the only thing people know is that it will kill you in a week. Body count: 31

Strengths: Her psychic powers mutate the smallpox virus into a new strain of virus, called the “ring virus”, one that causes anyone who contracts it to die, seemingly of fright, within a week.

Weaknesses: She is bound to the tape, record the tape and show it to someone else to reverse the curse, and watch it backward
Freddy Kreuger: A child murderer that was infamous for kidnaping his victims, then slowly killing them and burying them when he was done he was arrested, but was found not guilty based on a technicality, so the parents of the children he murdered, took justice into their own hands by burning him alive, unknowingly bringing upon themselves the worst nightmare on elm street Body count: 62

Strengths: Freddy Krueger is nearly omnipotent as long as he is inside someone’s dreams. There he has displayed a vast array of powers including but not limited to transformation, super strength, telekinesis, and regeneration.

Weaknesses: Freddy’s only weakness was being dragged into the real world. When he is in the dream world, Freddy Krueger has no weaknesses, as he cannot be killed in your dreams
Ghostface: William “Billy” Loomis is the original man behind the Ghostface mask. Not much is known about him, but he and his friend Stu are known for their killing spree, involving the murder of their principal and various attacks on Billy’s girlfriend, Sidney Prescott, who remains the target of attacks by the other 10 killers using the Ghostface mantle. Body count: 33

Strengths:  Though each iteration of Ghostface is human, they often exhibit extreme durability against physical harm, high levels of physical strength, and an almost supernatural stealth ability, able to appear and disappear in seemingly impossible situations.

Weaknesses: Ghostface has only one major weakness. His power is useless if the survivors know where he is and can quickly deactivate it. The object of Obsession is a very good counter to his ability. You can predict his movements and see if he is close, and you can also get him out of his power by following him from afar.
Hellraiser: a box that can open up the gates of hell when the demons come out. There are multiple of them throughout the movies but the most popular of them is a pinhead, a demon. Whoever opens the box will face a fate worse than death Body count: 246

Pinhead powers: invulnerable, ageless, and immortal, capable of teleportation, magically disguising himself as other people and transforming humans into Cenobites. He could also summon other hellish forces and conjure hooked chains out of thin air to tear his victims apart.

Weakness: Pinhead’s only real weakness lies within the same object used to summon him: the Lament Configuration. The box can be used to banish him back to Hell.
Candyman: an African-American man who was brutally murdered for a forbidden 19th-century interracial love affair When the woman’s father found out, he arranged a mob to lead Candyman to the now-Cabrini-Green, where they cut off his hand and bathed his naked body in honey as hives of bees stung him to death. Now the Candyman returns with a hook for a hand.; he returns as an urban legend, and kills anyone who summons him by saying his name five times in front of a mirror. Body count: 17

Powers-Telekinesis: Candyman is shown to have some form of telekinesis as he can levitate, move, immobilize, and manipulate objects with his mind. Invisibility: Candyman has the power to render himself invisible to the naked eye.

Weakness-Mirrors and Portraits: Mirrors that contain Candyman’s soul are the secret of his power. If mirrors are destroyed, he will cease to exist. If this fails, destroying Candyman’s paintings, particularly burning his self-portraits, damages him physically
        Xenomorph: A parasitic predator on a moon. One day a ship came across the moon and an adult alien snuck onto the ship, and one at a time killed anyone who was on it.

Powers: surviving with limbs shot off, stabbings, and even shots through the head (though total decapitation kills them). Adult Xenomorphs are quick and agile, and can clamber along ceilings and walls: a skill they exhibit freely whether they are avoiding others, attacking, or hunting, have a smaller xenomorph in their mouth for sneak attacks, they have great physical strength, are capable of breaking through welded steel doors in numbers

        Predator:  The Predator species arrived in ancient Egypt and helped humans construct the pyramids. In exchange, the people provided sacrifices as hosts for the Xenomorphs so that the Predators could routinely return to Earth to hunt them as some kind of twisted rite of passage

Strengths: Predators are incredibly strong, easily capable of our matching a conditioned adult human male in unarmed combat, and able to land blows that can shatter solid concrete, advance technologically (camouflage, energy weapons) expert hunters, smarter than most humans

Weakness: main weakness is in their numbers. Their population limit is never much larger than a couple of dozen, and when you add in the fact that the shrine itself counts as four pop points, you’ve got a pretty small team.