Album Review: Planet Her

I have strong opinions about the artist Doja Cat, if they’re good or bad just means you’ll have to read and find out.

This time I wanted to tap into pop culture, to give you guys more of a familiar setting. The album I will be reviewing is Planet Her by Doja Cat. This album came out in mid-2021. I am aware this is an older album but that’s what makes this even more exciting. This album released 14 songs in the regular edition, and 19 in the deluxe version. The standard edition has a run time of about 44 minutes, and the deluxe version has a run time of 59 minutes. Each with its own vibe to them. When dropping teasers about the album Doja said, this album was meant to feel like it was fully her own. The album touches on many topics such as solitude, sexual relationships, romance, realistic situations, femininity, and many more. Doja also mentioned how she loved that each of her songs had its own personality. Many people couldn’t understand the reason why each music video was different, but when she was asked on the IHeartRadio interview on the 7th of December 2021, she simply replied that Planet Her was the center of the universe where all things live in harmony, but not everything is perfect. And how each music video is set on a different planet with different situations going on. When going further into understanding the title and its concept she made sure to let others know that the title was her just trying to be cute and it wasn’t a feminist thing.

Another thing to note is the album was expected to be at the top of the charts for at least 2 years. While it still has remained one of the most popular albums so far, the album only ever won 2 of its many nominations, which disappointed fans causing slight backlash, moreover to BET Awards. This happened around the same time Lil Nas X wrote his ‘Diss track’ to the show.

The album was beautifully put together, it was the perfect balance between Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Rating the album I’d give it a 9/10. Don’t get me wrong, the album was amazing. It felt like such a refresh that was needed back in 2021, however, I only wish that there were one or even two more songs somewhat like “I Don’t Do Drugs” and “Need To Know”. I know, I hate being that person but In my opinion, those songs are more able to be applied to the teenage audience. A lot of my friends bring up the album when having conversations about music, so I also took this opportunity to give them more information on the album. Moving forward, I do recommend listening to “I Don’t Do Drugs,” it’s not super upbeat like pop, but it leaves this nice lingering R&B that has an almost obsessive beat. It’s hard to say that just the song itself is so addicting but I mean, it is. In the end,  the album was one of many that have made it full circle around these crazy last few years, and so many people still love the album and likely will for years to come.