Sports and Clubs at Dimond

If you haven’t checked the activities office yet, you may be behind on this year’s clubs and sports that are offered at Dimond. Luckily, here is the list of clubs that are currently offered, and sports you can join that have been taken directly off the page. Since Fall Sports have already begun, here are the upcoming Winter Sports you can sign up for, and who’s coaching:

  • Basketball: Boys – Coach Brad Lauwers
  • Basketball: Girls – Coach Charles McCubrey
  • Bowling – Coach Beth VanCouwenbergh
  • Basketball Cheer – Coach Stephanie Collins
  • Hockey Cheer – Coach Tami Higgins
  • Cross Country Skiing – Coach Nate Normandin
  • Hockey: Boys – Coach Dennis Sorenson
  • Hockey: Girls – Coach Brian Gross

Here is the club list with when, where they’re hosted, and who’s sponsoring them:

  • Art Club – Mon, Tues, Thur, from 2-3 PM @ F101 & F103 – Sponsor: Cullen Lickingteller
  • Battle of the Books – Mon, during Lunch @ A112 – Sponsor: Catherine Walker
  • Bible Study Club – Thurs, during Lunch @ B103 – Sponsor: Lem Wheeles
  • Card Club – Tues, Daily during Lunch @ A112 – Sponsor: Dale Doxsee
  • Coffee Club – 7:10-7:25 AM or after school, @ F101 – Sponsor: Cullen Lickingteller
  • Creativity Club – Fri, during Lunch @ B106 – Sponsor: Julie Case
  • D&D Club – Wed, during Lunch and Fri, 2-4 PM @ C109 – Sponsor: Wade Roach
  • Esports Club – Thurs, 2-3:30 PM @ C110 – Sponsor: EJ Eduarte & Wade Roach
  • French Club – Mon, during Lunch @ B107 – Sponsor: Aline Hopkins
  • Gardening Club – Tues, during Lunch @ A111 – Sponsor: Lindsey Casteel
  • GSA – Tues, during Lunch @ A112 – Sponsor: Catherine Walker
  • German Club – Thurs, during Lunch @ B108 – Sponsor: Charles Beattie
  • Green Effects – Mon, during Lunch @ A112 – Sponsor: Catherine Walker/Lindsey Casteel
  • Key Club – Wed, during Lunch @ A111 – Sponsor: Lindsey Casteel
  • Lynx Care – Thurs, during Lunch @ A103 – Sponsor: Julie Trim
  • Model United Nations Club – Fri, during Lunch @ B103 – Sponsor: Natalia Sears
  • Mu Alpha Theta Club – Every other Tues, @ D202 – Sponsor: Lem Wheeles
  • National Honor Society – Every other week; Lunch @ B208 – Sponsor: Tracy Blevins
  • Native Leadership Club – Thurs, during Lunch @ A113 – Sponsor: Shirley Reeves
  • Ocean Club – Wed, during Lunch @ A112 – Sponsor: Catherine Walker
  • Partners Club – Fri, during Lunch @ A100 – Sponsor: Benedict Cabasal
  • Robotics Club – Mon, during Lunch @ C110 – Sponsor: Wade Roach
  • Spike Ball Club – Mon, Fri, during Lunch @ Gym – Sponsor: Nate Normandin
  • Theatre Club – Meeting during rehearsals of Current Show – Sponsor: Carrie Smith & Tim Peters
  • Z Club – Wed, during Lunch @ A203 – Sponsor: Missy Nurmi

Keep in mind that some clubs, the Native Leadership Club, and Step Club, are not on here. These clubs need a teacher sponsor.  If you are interested in getting these clubs running, ask a staff member if they would be willing to be the sponsor.  The Activities Office has the club form to give to the sponsor for signature. Furthermore, to sign up for a sport, Dimond High School’s website says that you must be enrolled in 5 ASD classes to participate, or 4 ASD classes if you’re a senior. 

Furthermore, your grades from the previous school year have to have a 2.0 GPA minimum, and 5 classes passed, but if you’re a freshman, you can skip this step. If you have any questions, I suggest stopping by the Activities office. Ms. Chelsea Hunt and Mr. Chris Kleckner are happy to help.

Members of the robotics club
Remus Little
Members of the theatre club
Rylin Milette