Opinion: Dress Code Should Be Evenly Enforced

Off and on, I’ve noticed a bit of….inconsistency with the dress code policy here at Dimond.


First of all, many times, I’ve been told to take my hat off, and I began to count how many other people in the room had their hats on still.  The highest number I’ve gotten was 11.


Meanwhile, girls are waltzing by me in pencil dresses that not only show off their cleavage, but their underwear too- which quite frankly, I could have lived without seeing.


Girls, if you have to hold your skirt down while you walk up the stairs, you should probably go buy yourself a real skirt.


And it’s not just me, I’ve interviewed a few people, who either agree or disagree.


Assistant Principal for the Freshman House, Imtiaz Azzam said, “We are doing our best to enforce the code every time we see something incorrect, we enforce it, especially with the freshman.  We have a policy in place and continue to enforce it.”


She also agrees with the hat policy but said, “We are flexible when it comes to spirit/special days.”


Dimond’s librarian, Suzanne Metcalfe, has her own opinion about our code enforcements.


“I think it ebbs and flows.  I think sometimes administrators and teachers get tired of enforcing it as the year goes on and start to look the other way.”

I started to notice a trend in opinions when a student at Dimond, Sophomore Jaida Neck, answered, “Not enough because a lot of girls wear short skirts and they’re not really told off and it’s repeated by everyone and midriffs are overly exposed.”


However, Pete Mandel, a Dimond Counselor, sees from a different view and said, “I don’t see a problem with the dress code, I think it’s enforced when it needs to be.”


Consequently I have to agree with Neck and Metcalfe when they say the dress code is unevenly enforced.

I think the school’s a little more keyed in on headphones and hats then they are with what’s really important.